AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 70. Astronomy and Education

Display, Wednesday, June 2, 1999, 10:00am-6:30pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

70.01 The Shapley Program - 2000 and On
A. G. Davis Philip (ISO and Union College)
70.02 A Survey of Learning Goals for Introductory Astronomy Courses
G. Brissenden, D.K. Duncan (AAS Education Office), J.L. Greenfield, T.F. Slater (Montana State University)
70.03 Validating the Astronomy Diagnostics Test for Undergraduate Non-Science Majors
T.F. Slater (Montana State U.), B. Hufnagel (U. of Maryland), J.P. Adams (Montana State U.)
70.04 The Astronomy Diagnostic Test: Comparing Your Class to Others
B. Hufnagel, G. Deming (Univ. of Maryland)
70.05 First Contact: Expectations of Beginning Astronomy Students
T.L. Lacey, T.F. Slater (Montana State University)
70.06 An Inquiry-based Undergraduate Course Investigating Unseen Matter in the Universe
A. J. Lovell, G. S. Greenstein (Five College Astronomy/Amherst College)
70.07 Visualizing the Big Bang: An Introduction to Topology and 3-Manifolds for Undergraduates
R.B. Gardner (East Tennessee State University)
70.08 Astroflow: A Simulation Tool for the Classroom
G. Delamarter, B. Hill, A. Frank (University of Rochester)
70.09 A Passive Sky Variability Monitor for Under $1500.
G. A. Zimmer, W. E. Pereira, R. J. Nemiroff, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Tech)
70.10 The Little Thompson Observatory
A. Schweitzer (Little Thompson Science Foundation (LTSF); Cytomation Inc.; U. of Phoenix), T. Melsheimer (LTSF; Merlin Controls), C. Sackett (LTSF; Board of Cooperative Educational Services)
70.11 Extrasolar Planet Detection with an Interactive Simulator
D. Koch (NASA Ames Research Center)
70.12 An Educational Display of the Solar Magnetic Cycle: Year 2
H. P. Jones (NASA/GSFC), M. V. Gearen (Punahou School, HI), S. H. Jacoby (NOAO)
70.13 Bringing Astronomy to the Classroom: A Model for Planting Seeds of Interest
K.G. Stassun (University of Wisconsin), J. Lattis (UW-Madison Space Place)
70.14 How Old Are the Jewels of the Night?
C. A. Pilachowski, J. Barnes, S. H. Jacoby (NOAO), J. F. Lockwood (TUSD), N. Sharp (NOAO)
70.15 A Successful Approach to Involving Teachers in the Use of a Starlab Portable Planetarium
W. Herbst (Wesleyan U.), H. Garavel (Anna Reynolds School, Newington, CT)
70.16 The Use of Astronomy in Research Based Science Education
T.A. Rector, S.H. Jacoby (NOAO), J.F. Lockwood (Sci. Resource Center, TUSD), D.W. McCarthy (Steward - Univ. of Ariz.)
70.17 Great IDEAS: Telescopes, Computers, and Education
M. A. Nook (St. Cloud State University), D. L. Williams (Apollo High School, St. Cloud, MN)
70.18 Explorers of the Universe: Interactive Collaborations via the Internet
G. Burks (Tennessee State University)
70.19 Space Projects And Research by Kids (SPARK): A Web Based Research Journal for Middle School Students
S.S. Limaye, R.A. Pertzborn (Space Science and Engineering Center, University of WI-Madison)
70.20 Comets in the Classroom
J. A. Goetz, J. L. Pipher, E. Kort (University of Rochester)
70.21 The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum -Helping NASA Missions and Scientists Participate in Education and Public Outreach
I. Hawkins (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory), R. Vondrak (NASA/GSFC), K. Meyer (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory), J. Thieman (NASA/GSFC)
70.22 Life In Far-out Environments (LIFE): An IDEA Sponsored Workshop
B. W. van der Meer, J. J. Alletto, F. D. Byrant, M. T. Carini, L. P. Elliott, R. Gelderman, W. M. Mason, K. L. McDaniel, C. H. McGruder III, C. R. Rinehart, R. T. Tyler (Western Kentucky U.)
70.23 Outer Space Place: Exploring Space at the Maryland Science Center
M.W. Jan, F. Mendez (Maryland Science Center)
70.24 Making Yohkoh SXT Images Available to the Public: The Yohkoh Public Outreach Project
M.B. Larson, D. McKenzie, T. Slater, L. Acton (Montana State U.), D. Alexander, S. Freeland, J. Lemen, T. Metcalf (Lockheed Martin Solar \& Astrophysics Lab)
70.25 Space Science Education and Public Outreach in the Washington, DC Area
G. R. Carruthers (Naval Research Laboratory), M. L. Washington (Young Technocrats Public Charter Lab School)

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