DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 3. NEAR at Eros

Oral, Chairs: L. McFadden, D. Britt, Monday,
2000/10/23, 10:45am-12:15pm, C106

3.01 Eros: Shape, Slopes, and Slope Processes
P.C. Thomas, J. Joseph, J.F. Bell III, J.F. Veverka, B. Clark (Cornell University), M. Robinson (Northwestern University), N. Izenberg, S. Murchie, L. Prockter, A. Cheng (Applied Physics Laboratory), L. McFadden (University of Maryland), C. Chapman (Southwest Research Institute)
3.02 Small Scale Topography of 433 Eros from Laser Altimetry and Imaging
A.F. Cheng, O. Barnouin-Jha, L. Prockter, T. Cole, Y. Guo (JHU/APL), M.T. Zuber, G. Neumann (MIT), D.E. Smith, J. Garvin (NASA/GSFC), M. Robinson (Northwestern), J. Veverka, P. Thomas (Cornell)
3.03 The Characterization of Eros Using NEAR Radio Science Data
D.K. Yeomans, P.G. Antreasian (JPL/Caltech), J.-P. Barriot (CNES), S.R. Chesley (JPL/Caltech), D.W. Dunham, R.W. Farquhar (APL/JHU), J.D. Giorgini, C.E. Helfrich, A.S. Konopliv (JPL/Caltech), J.V. McAdams (APL/JHU), J.K. Miller, W.M. Owen, Jr. (JPL/Caltech), D.J. Scheeres (U. MI), P.C. Thomas, J. Veverka (Cornell), B.G. Williams (JPL/Caltech)
3.04 Spatial Variations in the Near-IR Spectral Properties of 433 Eros: Analysis of NEAR/NIS Low Orbit Observations
J.F. Bell III, B.E. Clark (Cornell), N. Izenberg (APL), C. Dodd, R. Clinite, C. Peterson, P. Martin (Cornell), S. Murchie (APL), L. McFadden, D. Wellnitz (U. Maryland), M.J. Gaffey (RPI), P. Lucey, M. Winter (U. Hawaii), C. Chapman (SWRI), J. Veverka (Cornell), NEAR MSI/NIS Science Team
3.05 Mineralogy of 433 Eros from NEAR's near-infrared Spectrometer (NIS)
L.A. McFadden (U.Maryland), D.D. Wellnitz, C.O. Gross, M.L. Schnaubelt (U. Maryland), M.J. Gaffey (RPI), J.F. Bell III, B.E. Clark (Cornell U.), N. Izenberg, S. Murchie (JHU/APL), P. Martin (ESA), C.R. Chapman (SWRI), MSINIS Science Team
3.06 Investigation of Visible Color and Near-IR Spectral Properties of Eros' Surface Using Co-located NEAR NIS and MSI Data
N. R. Izenberg (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), J. F. III Bell, B. E. Clark (Cornell Univ.), S. L. Murchie, L. Prockter, D. Domingue (JHU/APL), S. M. Robinson (Northwestern Univ.), L. K. McFadden, D. Wellnitz (Univ. of Maryland), M. J. Gaffey (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.), P. Lucey (Univ. of Hawaii), C. Chapman (Southwest Research Inst.), J. Veverka (Cornell Univ.), NEAR MSI/NIS Team
3.07 NEAR Infrared Spectrometer Photometry of Asteroid 433 Eros
B.E. Clark, P. Helfenstein, J.F. Bell III, J. Veverka (Cornell University), N.I. Izenberg, D. Domingue (Johns Hopkins), D. Wellnitz, L. McFadden (University of Maryland)
3.08 Modeling of 433 Eros' solar phase curve from NEAR-Shoemaker MSI images and telescopic observations
D.L. Domingue (Johns Hopkins Univeristy/Applied Physics Laboratory), B. Carcich (Cornell Univeristy), M. Robinson (Northwestern University), J. Joseph, P. Thomas, B. E. Clark (Cornell Univeristy)
3.09 Craters, Boulders, and Impact History of Eros
C. R. Chapman, W. Merline, B. Bierhaus (SwRI), P. Thomas, J. Joseph, J. Veverka, J. Bell (Cornell), N. Izenberg, S. Murchie, L. Prockter, A. Cheng (JHU/APL), L. McFadden (U Maryland), M. Robinson (NWU)

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