DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 45. Pluto and Triton

Oral, Chairs: L. Young, D. Tholen, Thursday,
2000/10/26, 11:10am-12:10pm, C106

45.01 A New Model for the Seasonal Evolution of Triton
F. Forget, N. Decamp (Lab. de Meteorologie Dynamique, Paris, France), J. Berthier, C. Le Guyader (Inst. de Mecanique celeste, Paris, France)
45.02 Further Evidence for Increasing Pressure and a Non-spherical Shape in Triton's Atmosphere
M. J. Person, J. L. Elliot, S. W. McDonald (MIT), M. W. Buie, E. W. Dunham, R. L. Millis, R. A. Nye, C. B. Olkin, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell), L. A. Young (SWRI), W. B. Hubbard, R. Hill (LPL), H. J. Reitsema (Ball), J. M. Pasachoff, B. A. Babcock (Williams), T. M. McConnochie (Cornell), R. C. Stone (USNO)
45.03 HST Measurement of the Charon/Pluto Mass Ratio1
L.H. Wasserman, C.B. Olkin, O.G. Franz (Lowell Observatory)
45.04 Pluto: Photometric evidence for volatile transport?
B. J. Buratti (Pomona College), J. K. Hillier (Grays Harbor College), A. Heinze (Caltech), M. D. Hicks (JPL)
45.05 Continued Evolution in the Lightcurve of Pluto
M.W. Buie, W.M. Grundy (Lowell Observatory)
45.06 Near-Infrared Spectral Monitoring of Pluto/Charon
W.M. Grundy, M.W. Buie (Lowell Observatory)

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