AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
Session 63. Optical Interferometry III
Display, Wednesday, June 6, 2001, 10:00am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[63.05] Integrated optics: first measurements of stars.

J.P. Berger (LAOG,CfA), P. Haguenauer (LAOG), P. Kern (LAOG), K. Perraut (LAOG), F. Malbet (LAOG), I. Schanen (LEMO), M. Severi (LETI), R. Millan-Gabet (CfA), W. Traub (CfA)

Integrated optics (IO) technologies allow to design and integrate in or on a substrate singlemode optical circuits. We have proposed to use this technology for interferometric beam combination because it considerably reduces instrumental complexity while providing good perfomances. We have designed an optical interface that allowed to interfere stellar beams coming from two IOTA telescopes in an IO chip. Observations of stars were carried out in the H band. We describe the experimental setup and two IO beam combiners. We present the first interferometric observations of stars using this technique and a preliminary estimation of the IO beam combiners properties. This work will soon be extended to interferometric combination of three telescopes and closure phases measurements at IOTA.

LAOG acknowledges financial support from CNRS and CNES. IOTA is funded by Smithsonian Institution and NASA.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: jberger@cfa.harvard.edu

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