AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 48. Blazars and AGNs

Poster, Tuesday, January 7, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

48.01U Time Series Analysis of Microvariability in Blazars
V. L. Wilkat (Florida Institute of Technology), J. R. Webb (Florida International University), S. D. Clements (Florida Institute of Technology), J. T. Pollock (Appalachian State University)
48.02U A Continuing Study of the Structure of Blazars Using the VLBA
E.A. Casper (Dickinson College), J.M. Attridge (MIT Haystack Observatory)
48.03 Measurement of the VLBI Core Proper Motion of OJ 287 at 43 GHz
S.G. Jorstad, A.P. Marscher (IAR Boston U.), M.L. Lister (NRAO), A.M. Stirling (U. Central Lancashire, UK), H. Terasranta (Metsahovi Radio Obs., Finland)
48.04 Radio Color-Color Diagrams for Extragalactic Sources
G. R. Knapp, Z. Ivezic, K. Menou, R. H. Lupton, J. E. Gunn, M. A. Strauss, D. J. Schlegel, G. T. Richards (Princeton U.), SDSS Collaboration
48.05U ROVOR: Optical Variability in Galactic Nuclei and GRB Afterglows
P.J. Brown (Brigham Young University), S.R. McNeil (BYU - Idaho), J.W. Moody (Brigham Young University)
48.06 New mid-infrared line diagnostics for dusty galaxies and the Starburst-AGN connection
E. Sturm, D. Lutz, A. Verma (MPE), H. Netzer, A. Sternberg (School of Physics and Astronomy and Wise Observatory, Tel Aviv), A.F.M. Moorwood (ESO), E. Oliva (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri), R. Genzel (MPE)
48.07 STIS UV Observations of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk~766
M.E. Kaiser (JHU), C.S. Reynolds (U. Maryland), J. Wilms (IAAT)
48.08 Multi-Epoch Monitoring of Magnetic Field Structures in Three Blazars
G. R. Denn (Sweet Briar College), R. L. Mutel (University of Iowa), M. S. Lazarova (Sweet Briar College), C. Dreier (Oberlin College), A Helton (University of Iowa)
48.09 Ionization Structure in the Narrow Line Region of M51
L.D. Bradley II, M.E. Kaiser (JHU), W.A. Baan (ASTRON)
48.10 A Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of LINER Galaxies
R. Dudik, S. Satyapal (George Mason University)
48.11 Modeling the Physical Conditions in the NLR of Markarian 3
N. R. Collins, S. B. Kraemer (Catholic University of America), D. M. Crenshaw (Georgia State University)
48.12 OPTIC observations of radio sources near bright natural guide stars
K.C. Chambers, B. Rothberg, J. Tonry (Institute for Astronomy)
48.13U An X-ray Investigation of LINER Galaxies
J. McNulty (St. John's College), S. Satyapal, S. Sambruna (George Mason University)
48.14 VLBI Identification of the Sub-Parsec Nucleus of NGC 4151
J.S. Ulvestad (NRAO), D.S. Wong (Cornell), G.B. Taylor (NRAO), C.G. Mundell (Liverpool John Moores), J.W. Gallimore (Bucknell)
48.15 Modeling Hot Halo Production in Arp 220: The Contribution from Collision-Induced Shock Waves
N. C. Hearn (Center for Theoretical Astrophysics, Department of Physics, University of Illinois), S. A. Lamb (Center for Theoretical Astrophysics, Department of Physics and Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois), P. Anninos, G. Bazan, S. D. Murray, J. M. Owen (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
48.16 Reflections on MCG--6-30-15
D.R. Ballantyne (CITA, Toronto), A.C. Fabian, S. Vaughan (IoA, Cambridge)
48.17U VLBI Polarimetry of 177 Compact, Flat-Spectrum Sources
L.K. Pollack (NRAO/UCB), G.B. Taylor (NRAO), R.T. Zavala (NRAO/NMSU)
48.18 Figure-8 radio structure of NGC 2992
M. G. Allen (Observatoire de Strasbourg)
48.19 A Possible 2.08 Day X-ray Period in Seyfert Galaxy Ton S180
J.P. Halpern (Columbia U.), K.M. Leighly (U. Oklahoma), H.L. Marshall (MIT)
48.20 Demographics of Starbursts in Nearby Seyfert Galaxies
E. Schinnerer (NRAO), E. Colbert (JHU), L. Armus (SSC), N.Z. Scoville (Caltech), T. Heckman (JHU)
48.21 An XMM-Newton Observation of the Bright Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 6300
L.A. Maddox, K.M. Leighly, A. Nava, C. Matsumoto (University of Oklahoma), D. Grupe (Ohio State University)
48.22 An Intensive Monitoring Campaign of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 3783: Variability in the UV and Far-UV Intrinsic Absorption
J. R. Gabel (CUA/GSFC), D. M. Crenshaw (GSU), S. B. Kraemer (CUA/GSFC), NGC 3783 Monitoring Team
48.23 Dependence of emission line ratios and strengths on the spectral energy distribution.
D. Casebeer, K. Leighly (University of Oklahoma)

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