AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 50. The Milky Way: From Center to Halo

Poster, Tuesday, January 7, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

50.01 A high resolution VLA HI Absorption Mosaic of the Central 200pc of the Galaxy
C.J. Cyganowski (Harvard, NRAO), C.C. Lang (U. of Iowa), W.M. Goss (NRAO Socorro, NM), J.H. Zhao, S. Kim (CfA)
50.02 A High-Resolution Longitude-Velocity Study of the Galactic Midplane
S. J. Gibson, J. M. Stil (U. Calgary)
50.03 A Multiwavelength Image of the Milky Way's First Quadrant
D.J. Helfand, A. Fallon (Columbia University), R.H. Becker (UC Davis & IGPP), U. Giveon (UC Davis), R.L. White (STScI)
50.04U A Search for Radio Transients and Variables in the Galactic Center
J.L. Neureuther, S.D. Hyman (Sweet Briar College), T.J.W. Lazio, M.E. Nord, N.E. Kassim (Naval Research Laboratory)
50.05U Near Infrared Spectroscopy of 4 AGB Stars in the Inner Galaxy: results of a pilot study
A. L. Young (CTIO/NOAO, Middlebury College), M. Messineo (Sterrewacht Leiden), R. D. Blum, N. S. van der Bliek (CTIO/NOAO)
50.06 GLIMPSE: Plans for a SIRTF Legacy Program to Survey the Inner Regions of the Milky Way
E.B. Churchwell, R. Indebetouw, R.A. Benjamin (U. Wicsonsin-Madison), GLIMPSE Team
50.07 Models of Winds from the Galactic Bulge
R. Benjamin, D. Cox (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
50.08 The Asymmetric Thick Disk: A Star Count and Kinematic Analysis
J.E. Parker, R.M. Humphreys (U of Minnesota), J.A. Larsen (LPL)
50.09 A Study of the Kinematics of Stars at the North Galactic Pole
A.A. Polak, S.R. Majewski, J.D. Crane, J.C. Ostheimer, H.J. Rocha-Pinto, R.J. Patterson (University of Virginia)
50.10 SDSS Survey for Milky Way Satellite Galaxies and Stars in the High-Velocity Clouds
B. Willman, J. Dalcanton (University of Washington), Z. Ivezic (Princeton University)
50.11 Discrete HI Clouds in the Galactic Halo
F. J. Lockman (NRAO)
50.12 Stars in the Galactic Inner Halo
J.S. Kalirai (University of British Columbia), J. Brewer (UBC), G.G. Fahlman (CFHT), B.K. Gibson (Swinburne), B.M. Hansen (UCLA), R. Ibata (Strabourg), R.M. Rich (UCLA), H.B. Richer (UBC), I. Saviane (ESO), M.M. Shara (AMNH), P.B. Stetson (DAO)
50.13 Too Few Binaries on Retrograde Galactic Orbits
B. W. Carney (UNC), D. W. Latham (CfA), J. B. Laird (Bowling Green State Univ.), L. Aguilar (UNAM)

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