AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 62 Protoplanets, Star Formation and Debris Disks
Poster, Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 10:00am-7:00pm, Ballroom

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[62.10] J and K photometry of T Tauri Stars

E. Scire, B. Penprase (Pomona College), R. Akeson (Caltech/IPAC)

We present photometry of a sample of T Tauri stars with our Pomona College 1-meter telescope and infrared camera. These T Tauri stars were observed in J and K over 10 nights, and some show signs of variability. The magnitudes of the stars are also useful for the Keck Interferometry project, and we present this photometry and constraints on variability of the sources. These stars represent a variety of T Tauri stars, and provide new information on the structure and evolution of the T Tauri stars and their associated disks.

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