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Session 41 Variable Stars
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[41.07] Photometric Accuracy of Deconvolved Simulated Astronomical Images

J. W. Moody (BYU), S. R. McNeil (BYU-Idaho)

A study of the photometric accuracy of deconvolved astronomical images was undertaken by processing two simulated images with several well-known algorithms. The two simulations were an image of a simple star field and an active galactic nucleus (AGN). Each image was mathematically convolved with a known PSF, then deconvolved. Measurements and comparisons were made before and after the deconvolution to check for photometric accuracy. For the star field, the best results were obtained with a multiscale Richardson-Lucy algorithm. All algorithms degraded photometric accuracy when measuring the differential photometry of the nucleus of the AGN. Convolving the sharper image to match the point spread function of the blurrier one, fitting a radial profile of the bulge light through the nucleus, and subtracting it off the image gave the best result. We report on the photometric accuracies associated with each type of procedure and algorithm.

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