AAS 206th Meeting, 29 May - 2 June 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 41. Variable Stars

Poster, Wednesday, 10:00am-7:00pm, Thursday, 9:20am-2:00pm, June 1, 2005, Ballroom A

41.01 GALEX Ultraviolet Lightcurves of M-Dwarf Flare Stars
J.M. Wheatley, B.Y. Welsh, S.E. Browne (UC Berkeley), R.D. Robinson (Catholic University of America), M. Seibert (Caltech), R.M. Rich (UCLA), GALEX Science Team
41.02 Are there any RR2 variables in \omega Centauri?
C. Clement, M. Rahman (Univ of Toronto)
41.03 [Fe/H] - \phi31 - Period relation for c-type RR Lyrae Variables
J. N. Wahl, S. M. Morgan, R. M. Wieckhorst (Univ. of Northern Iowa)
41.04 Cepheid Masses based upon Fourier Coefficient Resonances
S. M. Morgan (Univ. of Northern Iowa)
41.05 The North Celestial Pole Monitoring Project
R. M. Blake, M. Castelaz, J. Phillips (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute)
41.06 A Technique to Search for Rapid Variations in Stellar Flux
J.A. Wilkerson, T.S. Brown, K.A. Frank, B.K. Lacoul, A.O. Nugent (Luther College)
41.07 Photometric Accuracy of Deconvolved Simulated Astronomical Images
J. W. Moody (BYU), S. R. McNeil (BYU-Idaho)

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