37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
Session 56 TNOs and Centaurs
Poster, Thursday, September 8, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

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[56.11] Infrared Photometry of Kuiper Belt Objects with NICMOS

K. Noll (STScI), D. Stephens (JHU), W. Grundy (Lowell Obs.), D. Cruikshank (NASA Ames), W. Romanishin (U. Oklahoma), S. Tegler (NAU)

We have obtained broad band photometry of a large sample of KBOs using NICMOS on the Hubble Space Telescope. We have measured 84 individual KBOs using the NIC2 camera and two broad filters, the F110W and F160W, filters that approximate the J and H bands. We fit scaled model PSFs to each image, minimizing the chi square residuals to find the best solution. Approximately half of our sample was also observed at shorter wavelengths with the WFPC2 camera. We present the IR photometric results and take a first look at infrared color trends in a large, uniform sample of KBOs.

This research has been supported by program 9386, funded through a grant to STScI, operated by AURA under NASA contract NAS 5-26555.

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