37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 56. TNOs and Centaurs

Poster, Thursday, September 8, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

56.01 Nitrogen and Methane Ices on the Surface of Sedna ?
M.A. Barucci (LESIA, Paris Observatory), D.P. Cruikshank (NASA Ames Research Center), E. Dotto (INAF-OAR), F. Merlin (LESIA, Paris Observatory), F. Poulet (IAS-Orsay), C. Dalle Ore (NASA Ames Research Center), S. Fornasier (Dipart. di Astronomia, Padova), C. de Bergh (LESIA, Paris Observatory)
56.02 Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Discovery and Characterization of a Large Kuiper Belt Object Satellite
A. Bouchez, M. Brown (Caltech), R. Campbell, J. Chin, M. van Dam, S. Hartman, E. Johansson, R. Lafon, D. Le Mignant, P. Stomski, D. Summers, P. Wizinowich (Keck Observatory), C. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory), D. Rabinowitz (Yale University)
56.03 Modelling the Populations of Trans-Neptunian Objects.
A. Campo Bagatin, P.G. Benavidez (Universidad de Alicante. Alicante (Spain))
56.04 Thermal Structure of Centaur Objects
Y. J. Choi (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), D. Prialnik, N. Brosch (Tel Aviv University)
56.05 Centaur Colors: New Data and Analysis
G. J. Consolmagno (Specola Vaticana), W. Romanishin (University of Oklahoma), S. C. Tegler (Northern Arizona University)
56.06 Spectrum Models of High-Albedo Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs
C. M. Dalle Ore (SETI/NASA Ames), D. P. Cruikshank (NASA Ames)
56.07 Evolution of the Oort Cloud under Galactic Perturbations
A. Higuchi (NAOJ/Kobe University), E. Kokubo (NAOJ), T. Mukai (Kobe University)
56.08 Capture of Centaurs into Trojan-like Orbits
J. Horner (University of Bern), N. W. Evans (University of Cambridge)
56.09 Alteration of cometesimal composition through collisions: preliminary results
Z.M. Leinhardt, S.T. Stewart-Mukhopadhyay (Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University)
56.10 Proton Irradiation of Crystalline Water Ice: Timescales for Amorphization in the Kuiper Belt
R. M. E. Mastrapa (NASA Ames Research Center), M. H. Moore (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), R. L. Hudson (Eckerd College), R. L. Ferrante (U. S. Naval Academy), R. H. Brown (Unviersity of Arizona)
56.11 Infrared Photometry of Kuiper Belt Objects with NICMOS
K. Noll (STScI), D. Stephens (JHU), W. Grundy (Lowell Obs.), D. Cruikshank (NASA Ames), W. Romanishin (U. Oklahoma), S. Tegler (NAU)
56.12 Photometric observations of a very bright TNO with an extraordinary lightcurve.
D. Rabinowitz, S. Tourtellotte (Yale University), M. Brown (Caltech), C. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory)
56.13 The Kuiper Belt explorated by Stellar Occultations
F. Roques, A. Doressoundiram (Observatoire de Paris,France)
56.14 Nightly Observations in BVI of 25 KBOs and Centaurs Over a Whole Observing Season
B. E. Schaefer (Louisiana S. U.), D. Rabinowitz, S. Tourtellotte (Yale)
56.15 A Deep Survey for Trojan Asteroids of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
S. S. Sheppard (Carnegie Institution of Washington), C. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory)
56.16 The High Fraction of Binaries in the Cold Classical Kuiper Belt
D.C. Stephens (JHU), K.S. Noll (STScI)
56.17 Status of the Deep Ecliptic Survey
L.H. Wasserman, M.W. Buie, R.L. Millis (Lowell Observatory), J.L. Elliot, S.D. Kern, A.A.S. Gulbis, K.B. Clancy (MIT), D.E. Trilling (U. AZ), E.I. Chiang (U.C. Berkeley), K.M. Meech (U. Hawaii)

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