AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 81 ISM: From Dark to Blinded
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[81.16] Active Regions in the Orion Nebula determined by the HST ACS Survey

C. R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University), P. M. McCullough, M. Robberto, D. R. Soderblom, L. E. Bergeron (Space Telescope Science Institute)

The survey of the Orion Nebula and its cluster executed as HST program GO 10246 included contiguous imaging far beyond the Huygens (brightest) region with the F658N filter of the ACS. This filter is equally sensitive to both Ha and [NII] emission. We have discovered the pattern of orientation of the stand-off (or Bow Shocks) that result from outflow from young-stellar-objects and either the high velocity wind from Theta1 Ori C or the low velocity flow away from the ionization front, thus providing tracers of the large-scale motion of gas within the nebula. We have also found many new shocks resulting from collimated flows (jets) which arise from individual proplyds and from the embedded source that lies near the Orion-S radio sources and slightly behind or within the PDR on the far side of the ionization front.

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