AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 81. ISM: From Dark to Blinded

Poster, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

81.01 Cold Galactic HI in the First and Second Quadrants
S. J. Gibson (NAIC), J. M. Stil, A. R. Taylor (U. of Calgary), C. M. Brunt (U. of Exeter), D. W. Kavars (U. of Minnesota), J. M. Dickey (U. of Tasmania)
81.02 A Closer Look at OH Emission in HI Self-Absorption (HISA) Clouds
D. W. Kavars (University of Minnesota), J. M. Dickey (University of Tasmania), E. D. Skillman, S. T. Strasser (University of Minnesota)
81.03 Detection of OH Absorption Against The Pulsar B1718-35
A.H. Minter (NRAO)
81.04 The HI-FIR Correlation in Two Galactic Fields
F. J. Lockman (NRAO), P. G. Martin (U.Toronto), M.-A. Miville-Deschenes, F. Boulanger (U.Paris-S)
81.05 Thermal and Non-Thermal Radio Continuum Emission from L1204
P. Machalek (JHU), R. J. Allen (STScI)
81.06 Anomalous H2CO Absorption in the L1204/S140 Region and a Comparison with CO(1-0) Emission
M.I. Rodriguez (STScI), L. Loinard (CRyA), R. J. Allen (STScI), V. Escalante (CRyA), T. Wiklind (STScI)
81.07 Emission from ELDWIM traces the Local Arm
P. Baez, J.C. Cersosimo, R.J. Muller, N. Santiago Figueroa, S. Figueroa Velez (UPR at Humacao), J.C. Testori (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia, CONICET. Argentina)
81.08 The Relationship Between Pulsar Dispersion Measures and Interstellar H-alpha Intensities at High Galactic Latitude
A. S. Hill (University of Wisconsin-Madison), R. A. Benjamin (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), R. J. Reynolds, L. M. Haffner (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
81.09 The Filling Fraction of Electrons in the Warm Ionized Medium
R.L. Pulliam (Radford University), A. Minter (NRAO, Advisor)
81.10 Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Spectrum between 10 and 100 MeV
D.E. Azcarate (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia)
81.11 The Interstellar N/O Abundance Ratio: Evidence for Local Infall?
D. C. Knauth, D. M. Meyer, J. T. Lauroesch (Northwestern University)
81.12 Diffuse X-ray Emission from Baade's Window and the Galactic Bulge
K.D. Kuntz (JHU/GSFC), S.L. Snowden (GSFC)
81.13 An infrared view of Orion.
E. Peeters (NASA Ames Research Center), F. Markwick-Kemper (University of Virginia), L.J. Allamandola (NASA Ames Research Center)
81.14 Emission from the Photon Dominated Regions in Cepheus B
B. Mookerjea (University of Maryland, College Park), C. Kramer, M. Roellig (KOSMA, University of Cologne, Germany)
81.15 FUV Observations of a Thermal Interface in the Orion-Eridanus Superbubble
J. Kregenow, J. Edelstein, E.J. Korpela, C. Heiles, B. Welsh (UC Berkeley), K.W. Min, K.S. Ryu, J.H. Shinn (KAIST), W. Han, K.I. Seon, D.H. Lee (KASI)
81.16 Active Regions in the Orion Nebula determined by the HST ACS Survey
C. R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University), P. M. McCullough, M. Robberto, D. R. Soderblom, L. E. Bergeron (Space Telescope Science Institute)
81.17 Physical Conditions in Orion's Veil: A Multi Component Study of the Line of Sight Towards the Trapezium
N. P. Abel, G. J. Ferland, G. Shaw, T. H. Troland (University of Kentucky), C. R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University)
81.18 Mid-infrared High Resolution Spectroscopy of UCHII Region G29.96 -0.02
Q. Zhu, J. H. Lacy, D.T. Jaffe (University of Texas)
81.19 High Resolution Mid-Infrared Imaging of Radio Ultra-Compact HII Regions
U. Giveon, M.J. Richter (UC Davis), R.H. Becker (UC Davis and LLNL), R.L. White (STScI)
81.20 The Boston University--Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey
J. M. Jackson, J. M. Rathborne, R. Y. Shah (Boston University), R. Simon (Universitat zu Koln), T. M. Bania, D. P. Clemens, E. T. Chambers, A. M. Johnson, M. Dormody, R. Lavoie (Boston University), M. Heyer (University of Massachusetts)
81.21 Molecular Clouds in the Boston University--Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey
A. M. Johnson, J. M. Rathborne, J. M. Jackson, R. Y. Shah (Boston University), R. Simon (Universitat zu Koeln)
81.22 Infrared Molecular Spectroscopy of the KL Region in Orion
J. H. Lacy, C. Knez, N. J. Evans, M. J. Richter (University of Texas)
81.23 Molecular and Recombination Lines in the Central Region of Sagittarius B2
J. Curtis (UC Berkeley and National Radio Astronomy Observatory), G. Langston (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
81.24 Results from the Nobeyama/CSO/ASTE Galactic plane CO survey
J. Koda (Caltech), T. Sawada (Nobeyama Radio Observatory)
81.25 Structure of the Taurus Molecular Cloud Complex
P. Goldsmith (JPL), Y. Tang (Cornell Univ.), M. Heyer, G. Narayanan (Univ. Mass.), R. Snell (Univ. Mass), C. Brunt (Univ. Exeter), D. Li (JPL)
81.26 A SO Survey Toward Massive Star Forming Regions
M. A. Mateen, E. D. Araya (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), P. Hofner (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology & National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
81.27 Cyclopropenone (c-H2C3O): A New Interstellar Ring Molecule
J. M. Hollis, A. J. Remijan (NASA's GSFC), P. R. Jewell (NRAO), F. J. Lovas (NIST)
81.28 IRAS 16293-2422: Evidence for Infall onto a Counter-Rotating Protostellar Accretion Disk
A. J. Remijan, J. M. Hollis (NASA's GSFC)

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