AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 81 ISM: From Dark to Blinded
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[81.13] An infrared view of Orion.

E. Peeters (NASA Ames Research Center), F. Markwick-Kemper (University of Virginia), L.J. Allamandola (NASA Ames Research Center)

We present Spitzer-IRS observations of 11 different positions within the vicinity of the Orion Bar. Together with ISO observations of the Orion Bar, we obtain a more complete infrared view on the spatial variations of the spectral characteristics observed towards Orion. On top of a strong dust continuum, we observe fine-structure lines, molecular hydrogen and PAH emission bands. We discuss the spatial variation of these emission components. In particular, we focus on the observed variations of the PAH bands in order to constrain the PAH family located in Orion and its distribution, and to probe the radiation field. In addition, these observations provide the opportunity to settle the question whether or not crystalline silicates are present in Orion.

EP acknowledges the support of the National Research Council.

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