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[81.02] A Closer Look at OH Emission in HI Self-Absorption (HISA) Clouds

D. W. Kavars (University of Minnesota), J. M. Dickey (University of Tasmania), E. D. Skillman, S. T. Strasser (University of Minnesota)

We have recently completed and previously presented observations of an exploratory study of OH emission (1612, 1665, 1667, and 1720 MHz) towards HI self-absorption (HISA) clouds using the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The OH observations were a success with a solid OH signal (S/N ~ 10 or greater) detected in 4 of 14 clouds with a slightly lower S/N in the remaining clouds. The OH distribution seen in our emission maps is much more localized to the HISA than the CO is, suggesting that OH is more accurately probing the molecular content in such clouds. However, the current map sizes are very small and larger maps are necessary to provide a more accurate picture of the H2/HI distribution. Here we present a new set of OH observations using the GBT. We increase our map size by a factor of 9 in 3 of the clouds previously observed. We also map additional clouds at lower galactic longitudes (l ~ 20 - 50 degrees) where the galaxy is more molecule rich. This will further our understanding of the relationship between atomic gas and molecular gas in cold clouds in the galaxy. Support for this work was provided by the NSF through award #GSSP05-0007 from the NRAO.

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