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Session 81 ISM: From Dark to Blinded
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[81.23] Molecular and Recombination Lines in the Central Region of Sagittarius B2

J. Curtis (UC Berkeley and National Radio Astronomy Observatory), G. Langston (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)

We present observations of recombination and molecular lines towards Sgr B2 in the frequency range 12.4 to 15.0 GHz. In this frequency range, H\alpha, \beta, and \gamma lines, He\alpha recombination lines and emission from the SO molecule are detected. Molecular absorption lines from OH, H2CO, and CH3CO are detected at velocity 62±3 km/s. Measurements of the line widths and intensities are presented for the central region of Sgr B2. We detect two previously un-reported molecular absorption lines at 12388.0 and 14625.8 MHz (v=0. in LSR Frame). For selected recombination and molecular lines, we present images of a 10x10 arc-minute region centered on Sgr B2(M). We discuss the sources of three H2CO absorption features detected at 62±3, 6±5, and 100±10 km/s. This was done as a summer REU project in 2005 at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Green Bank site, and was funded by the National Science Foundation’s REU program.

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