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Session 81 ISM: From Dark to Blinded
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[81.20] The Boston University--Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey

J. M. Jackson, J. M. Rathborne, R. Y. Shah (Boston University), R. Simon (Universitat zu Koln), T. M. Bania, D. P. Clemens, E. T. Chambers, A. M. Johnson, M. Dormody, R. Lavoie (Boston University), M. Heyer (University of Massachusetts)

The Boston University-Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey is a new survey of Galactic 13CO(1--0) emission. The survey used the SEQUOIA array on the Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory 14 m telescope to cover a longitude range of l = 18 deg -- 55.7 deg and a latitude range of |b| < 1 deg, a total of 75.4 square degrees. We achieved an angular sampling of 22 arcsec, better than half of the telescope's 46 arcsec angular resolution. The survey's velocity coverage is -5 to 135 km s-1 for Galactic longitudes l < 40 deg and -5 to 85 km s-1 for Galactic longitudes l > 40 deg. At the velocity resolution of 0.21 km s-1, the typical rms sensitivity is sigma(TA*) ~ 0.13 K. The survey comprises a total of 1,993,522 spectra. We present the integrated intensity image (zeroth moment map), channel maps, and position-velocity diagram. The Galactic Ring Survey data are available to the community at www.bu.edu/galacticring or in DVD form by request.

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