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Session 74 Planets in Binary Star Systems, Young Stars and Jets
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[74.18] Herbig-Haro Knots in AB Aurigae

M. D. Endres (SSAI, GSFC, George Washington University), N. Haddad (ICT, GSFC, St Mary's College of Maryland), G. M. Hilton (SSAI, GSFC, University of Maryland College Park), C. A. Grady (Eureka Scientific, GSFC), B. E. Woodgate (GSFC), G. M. Williger (University of Louisville, Johns Hopkins University)

AB Aur has an FUV spectral similarity to three known Herbig Ae jet systems whose FUSE and other FUV spectral data all have distinctive emission profiles, and emissions in Si III]1892 and O III]1665. AB Aur has a face-on disk and any outflow should have low proper motion, and be largely directed in our line of sight. We report the discovery of 3 clusters of Herbig-Haro knots at projected distances near SU Aur. HST archival imagery from 1998-2001 indicates no significant proper motion. We present the radial velocity of the outflow, derived from Goddard Fabry-Perot at the Apache Point Observatory's 3.5m telescope, and supporting long slit spectroscopy with Dual Imaging Spectrograph. The inclination of HH flow, its relation to AB Aur, and the epoch of the knot ejections with implications for FU Orionis activity in this Herbig Ae star are discussed.

Support for this study was provided under NASA RTOP 51-188-01-22.

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