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Session 25 VO and Source Surveys
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[25.09] Spectrafactory.net : A Database of Molecular Model Spectra

J. Cami (NASA Ames Research Center), A. J. Markwick-Kemper (University of Virginia)

We present a homogeneous online database of molecular absorption and emission model spectra from the optical to the mm-range for a wide range of temperatures and column densities. Starting from a variety of line lists relevant for astrophysical purposes, model spectra are calculated in the LTE limit for temperatures in the range 100 -- 3000 K and for column densities between 1016 and 1024 cm-2. The model spectra are presented at various instrumental resolving powers corresponding to commonly used instruments (e.g. Spitzer-IRS).

The database is searchable through a web-based interface and users can request additional model spectra to be calculated for parameters which are more suitable for their needs. In its current configuration, the database contains over 250,000 model spectra for 41 molecules (95 different isotopologues) over the wavelength range 350nm -- 3mm (~ 3 -- 30000 cm-1).

We highlight the different applications for which we believe this database might be useful, offer some examples of how the templates can be used in various astrophysical contexts and outline future additions to the database.

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