AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 25. VO and Source Surveys

Poster, Monday, January 9, 2006, 9:20am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

25.01 Knowledge Discovery Framework for the Virtual Observatory
B. Thomas, E. Shaya, Z. Huang, P. Teuben (UMD)
25.02 Creating a VOTimeseries
A.J. Drake (Caltech), M.E. Huber (LLNL), A.K. Vivas (CIDA), D. Gasson, R.A. Allsman (NOAO)
25.03 XML/VOTable and Simple ASCII Tabular Output from NED with Sample Applications
M. Schmitz, O. Pevunova, J. Mazzarella, J. Good, B. Berriman, B. Madore (Caltech), NED Team
25.04 Finding & Exploring Merging Pairs of Galaxies in 2MASS using the NVO.
S.S. Allam, D. L. Tucker (FNAL), P. Gee (UC-Davis), Y. Loh (Colorado/Boulder), I. Puerari (INAOE-Mexico)
25.05 The Astronomical Almanac 2006: Changes Resulting from IAU Resolutions
S. E. Urban (USNO), S. Bell (HMNAO), G. H. Kaplan (USNO), C. Y. Hohenkerk (HMNAO), S. G. Stewart, J. A. Bangert, J. L. Hilton (USNO)
25.06 Monitoring Callibrators at Submillimeter Wavelengths
M.R. Darrah (University of Hawaii Hilo), S.R. Hostler, A.B. Peck, M.A. Gurwell (SAO-SubMillimeter Array)
25.07 The Magellanic Emission Line Survey (MCELS)
R. C. Smith, S. D. Points (NOAO/CTIO), Y.-H. Chu (U. of Illinois), P. F. Winkler (Middlebury College), C. Aguilera, R. Leiton (NOAO/CTIO), MCELS Team
25.08 Contributions to the Nearby Stars Program: Spectroscopy and Physical Parameters of the Solar-type Stars within 40 parsecs of the Sun
R.O. Gray (Appalachian State Univ.), C.J. Corbally (Vatican Obs.), R.F. Garrison (David Dunlap Obs.), M.T. McFadden, E.J. Bubar (Appalachian State Univ.), A.A. O'Donoghue, E.R. Knox (St. Lawrence Univ.), C.E. McGahee (Appalachian State Univ.)
25.09 Spectrafactory.net : A Database of Molecular Model Spectra
J. Cami (NASA Ames Research Center), A. J. Markwick-Kemper (University of Virginia)
25.10 The VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey (VLSS)
W. M. Lane, A. S. Cohen, T. J. W. Lazio, N. E. Kassim (NRL), W. D. Cotton, R. A. Perley, J. J. Condon (NRAO), W. C. Erickson (U. of Tasmania)
25.11 Exploring the Very Low Frequency Radio Sky
S.G. Djorgovski (CIT), D.J. Thompson (CIT/LBTO), D. Stern (JPL), A.A. Mahabal, M. Bogosavljevic (CIT), A.S. Cohen, W.M. Lane, N.E. Kassim, T.J.W. Lazio (NRL)

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