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Session 122 Variable Stars
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[122.12] Structure and Availability of the MOTESS-GNAT Variable Star Surveys

E.R. Craine (GNAT/WRC), A.L. Kraus (Caltech), M.S. Giampapa (NSO), W.W.G. Scharlach (GNAT), R.A. Tucker (GPO/GNAT)

The Moving Object Transient Event Search System (MOTESS) has resulted in hardware and data streams that are being used as prototypes for the Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes (GNAT) photometric monitoring systems. Multiple telescopes are operated in scan mode to collect CCD imagery of the sky, which is subsequently processed through a prototype GNAT data reduction pipeline. This process leads to large arrays of differential time series photometry for all of the detectable stars in the survey band. The first of several planned surveys is now complete, resulting in the MOTESS-GNAT MG1 variable star catalog. The MG1 survey is at a declination of 03d18m with a width of 48-arcmin. The survey has been reduced to observations of approximately 1.6 million stars with a detection limit of R=19; the MG1 variable star catalog contains 26,042 variable star candidates with R = 13-19, including 5,271 which are periodic at the 99% confidence level. In this presentation we describe the structure of the catalog and its components and provide details on accessing these data. We conclude with a status report on subsequent MOTESS GNAT variable star survey programs.

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