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Session 122 Variable Stars
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[122.11] A New Variable O Star in Cep OB 1

J.A. Davis, K. DeGioia-Eastwood (NAU)

We report a new variable O star in Cep OB 1. First cataloged as LF 4 +55 471 by McCuskey (1955, ApJS 2, 75), the star was classified at the time as an O5 using an objective prism. Since that time, this 11th magnitude star has gone basically unobserved except for making it into several more catalogs. We have been observing this star photometrically at the Lowell Observatory 31-inch telescope using the National Undergraduate Research Observatory camera. The star is clearly variable, although with more than 300 data points we have yet to determine the type of variability. The authors acknowledge funding from the NSF through the REU program at Northern Arizona University through AST-0453611.

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