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Session 142 Gravitational Lensing
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[142.08] HST Images of Dark Matter Structures

S. Yokoyama, A.D. Storrs (Towson Univ.)

The technique of weak gravitational lensing can be applied to detecting a larger structure of dark matter distribution. The dark matter structures distort background images, which can be imaged at high spatial resolution with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The technique is famous for examining galaxies distorted by strong gravity induced from a group of a large number of galaxies.

We will analyze images made with the High Resolution Camera (HRC) of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). We will look for distortion on a large scale of background galaxies, which should occur along gentle curves. We will use the latest data reduction algorithms for searching correlated ellipricity in the background galaxies, reanalyzing Rhodes’s HST images, proposal 9984.

The method has several limitations. The images are at the technical limits for the CCD process. Also, the actual redshift for the background object is needed to determine the strength of the lensing effect. We will present our best attempt to compensate for these limitations.

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