AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 26 LSST
Poster, Monday, 9:20am-7:00pm, January 9, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[26.08] Dissecting the Milky Way with LSST

Z. Ivezic (UW), M. Juric, R. Lupton (Princeton), K. Olsen (CTIO/NOAO), D. Monet (USNO), D. Zaritsky (U. Arizona), M Shara (AMNH), A. Saha (NOAO), LSST Collaboration

The LSST will produce an accurate multi-color digital map of half the sky down to V ~27.5. Accurate colors will allow the estimate of photometric distance, and hence the three-dimensional number density distribution, for over a billion main-sequence stars, to a distance limit of 100 kpc. We extrapolate a similar study based on SDSS data (V < 21.5) to investigate how LSST will extend the detailed knowledge of our Galaxy. This final deep map will be based on several hundred observations (to V ~24.5) spread over ten years that will enable proper motion measurements accurate to 0.2 mas/yr (corresponding to 10 km/s at 10 kpc) and geometric parallax measurements accurate to 1 mas. Using the same method, we also discuss how these measurements will further enhance our understanding of the Milky Way.

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