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Session 110 Space-based Extra-Solar Planets: MOST, SPITZER, KEPLER, MPF
Poster, Wednesday, 9:20am-6:30pm, January 11, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[110.06] MOST space-based photometry of the transiting exoplanet system HD 209458: II. Search for transits at other periods

B. Croll, J.M. Matthews, J.F. Rowe, R. Kuschnig (University of British Columbia), D. Sasselov (Havard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), D. Lin (UCO/Lick Observatory), D.B. Guenther (St. Mary's University), A.F.J. Moffat (Université de Montréal), S.M. Rucinski (University of Toronto), G.A.H. Walker (University of British Columbia), W.W. Weiss (Universität Wien)

We have obtained nearly uninterrupted broadband optical photometry of the transiting exoplanet system HD 209458 with the MOST (Microvariability & Oscillation of STars) satellite: 14 days in 2004 and 44 days in 2005. We are searching these data for evidence of transits caused by other bodies in the same orbital plane as the known planet HD 209458b. This, in part, will test some theories of the dynamical stabilisation of that planet's small orbit which invoke other smaller bodies in similar orbits undergoing momentum interactions.

Preliminary analysis of the 2004 data rules out any bodies with periods of 1 week or shorter with radii greater than about 0.3 Jupiter radii (about 3 Earth radii). The 2005 data quadrupule the total time coverage and should lower that detection threshold in radius and increase it in period. The analysis of the entire data set is currently in progress.

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