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Session 171 Supernovae
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[171.12] High-resolution spectroscopy of the ejecta-ring collision in SN 1987A.

P. Lundqvist, P. Gröningsson, C. Fransson, T. Nymark (Stockholm Observatory), SN 1987A ESO Echelle Data Team

The optical line emission from SN 1987A, and especially that due to the collision of the supernova ejecta with the inner circumstellar ring, has been monitored since 1999 using echelle spectroscopy at ESO. In addition to the narrow (~10 km s-1) lines seen already in 1987, a growing number of lines show an intermediate-velocity component (~250 km s-1). This line component is emitted by ions with a range of ionization stages (e.g., Fe II-XIV), and probe the collision of the ejecta with dense blobs in the ring. Of particular interest are the different shapes and widths of the intermediate-velocity component for low- and high-ionization lines. Shock models have been made to interpret the observations.

We are greatful to support from the Swedish National Space Board, the Swedish Research Council and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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