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Session 63 From Here to Eternity: The Spitzer Legacy Programs
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[63.03] Empty Error Circles: A Clue to Reionization Sources?

C. C. Dudley (NRL), M. Imanishi (NAO, Japan), P. R. Maloney (U. Colorado)

For six of the 45 submillimeter sources recently cataloged in the GOODS-N field, there are no clear candidate 24 \mum counterparts within the 2\sigma radius error circles, whereas one would expect only a couple such cases. One explanation is that the redshifts are larger than 4 so that dust does not strongly emit in the observed 24 \mum passband. We have compared 3.6 or 4.5 \mum Spitzer GOODS data with I and Z band Hubble ACS GOODS data for these six error circles and find two sources detected at 3.6 \mum but undetected at I or Z. Supposing that rest frame far infrared ice emission can extend the redshift range over which submillimeter sources can be detected as we have recently proposed, the absence of I or Z band emission may possibly be explained by Gunn-Peterson saturation with the shortest detectable wavelength falling in the near infrared similar to HDF 850.1.

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