AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 50. High Angular Resolution Science with the NRAO Very Long Baseline Array

Display, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 10:00am-7:00pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

50.01 VLBI Neutron Star Astrometry: Techniques and Initial Results
S. Chatterjee (Cornell / NRAO), J.M. Cordes (Cornell)
50.02 The Sizes of 1720 MHz OH MASERS: VLBA and MERLIN Observations of the Supernova Remnants W\thinspace{44} AND W\thinspace{28}
M.J. Claussen, W.M. Goss, D.A. Frail, K. Desai (NRAO)
50.03 VLBA Observations of Colliding Winds in the Wolf-Rayet Binary WR140
A.J. Beasley, J.R. Herrnstein (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), L. Ball (Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Sydney)
50.04 Observations of Water Masers Associated with the Proto-Planetary Nebula Candidate IRAS 19296+2227
K. B. Marvel (American Astronomical Society), D. A. Boboltz (United States Naval Obs.)
50.05 SiO Maser Emission Toward the Red Supergiant NML Cygni
D. A. Boboltz (USNO), K. B. Marvel (AAS)
50.06 VLBI Imaging of the Gravity Probe B Guide Star IM~Pegasi
R.R. Ransom, N. Bartel, M.F. Bietenholz (York U.), D.E. Lebach, M.I. Ratner, I.I. Shapiro (CfA), J.-F. Lestrade (Obs. de Meudon)
50.07 Extremely Rapid Structure Variations in Sco X-1
B.J. Geldzahler (George Mason University), E.B Fomalont (National Radio Astronomy Obs.), C.F. Bradshaw (George Mason U.)
50.08 Preliminary Results from the VLBA OH Maser Survey for Space-VLBI Observations
V. Migenes (University of Guanajuato), S. Slysh, I.E. Val'tts (Astro Space Center), S. Horiuchi (National Astronomical Observatory Japan), V.I. Altunin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), P.G. Edwards (Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science Japan), E. Fomalont (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), M. Inoue (Nobeyama Radio Observatory)
50.09 Anisotropy of Interstellar Scattering Towards Cygnus
K.M. Desai (NRAO-Socorro), A.L. Fey (USNO)
50.10 Protoplanetary Disk and/or Bipolar Outflow Traced by H2O Maser
V.I. Slysh, I.E. Val'tts (ASC Lebedev Physical Institute), V. Migenes (Dep. of Astronomy, University of Guanajuato), E. Fomalont (NRAO), H. Hirabayashi (ISAS), M. Inoue (NRO), T. Umemoto (NAO)
50.11 Proper motion of water masers in the star forming region IRAS 21391+5802
N. Patel, L. Greenhill (SAO), J. Herrnstein (NRAO), Q. Zhang (SAO), J.M. Moran, P.T.P. Ho (SAO), P.F. Goldsmith (NAIC)
50.12 Temporal Evolution of Maser Structures Within 1 AU of IRAS16293
A. Wootten (NRAO), M. Claussen (NRAO), K.B. Marvel (AAS), B. Wilking (U. of Missouri-St. Louis)
50.13 A Micro Jet in the Extremely Young Protostar S106 FIR
R. Furuya (NRO), Y. Kitamura (ISAS), M. Claussen (NRAO), A. Wootten (NRAO), M. Saito (CfA), K.B. Marvel (AAS), R. Kawabe (NRO)
50.14 The Proper Motion of SgrA*
M.J. Reid (SAO), A.C.S. Readhead (Caltech), R.C. Vermeulen (NFRA), R.N. Treuhaft (JPL)
50.15 Structural Variability of the Nucleus of the Galaxy M81
M. Bietenholz, N. Bartel (York U.), M. Rupen (NRAO)
50.16 26W20: An Apparently One-Sided Radio Galaxy
D.E. Harris (SAO), W. Junor (U.~New Mexico), J.D. Silverman (U.~Virginia)
50.17 Structure of the M87 Jet on Light-week Scales
W. Junor (UNM), J. A. Biretta (STScI)
50.18 High Resolution VLBA Observations of NGC 4261
D.L. Jones (JPL), A.E. Wehrle (IPAC), B.G. Piner (JPL)
50.19 Multi-Epoch VLBI observations of the H2O Maser in NGC 1052
J.A. Braatz, M.J Claussen (NRAO), P.J. Diamond (Univ. of Manchester), A.S. Wilson (Univ. of Maryland), C. Henkel (MPIfR)
50.20 Astrometric Stability of the Radio Continuum Nucleus in the Seyfert~1 Galaxy NGC\,5548
J.M. Wrobel (NRAO), J.E. Conway (OSO), R. Terlevich (RGO)
50.21 VLBA Absorption Imaging of the Accretion Region in NGC~1275
R.C. Walker, K.I. Kellermann, V. Dhawan, J.D. Romney, J.M. Benson (NRAO), R.C. Vermeulen (NFRA), W. Alef (MPIfR)
50.22 PKS 1445-161: A New Gravitational Lens?
R.A. Gaume, A.L. Fey, F.J. Vrba, N. Zacharias, A.A. Henden, H.H. Guetter (U.S. Naval Observatory)
50.23 A VLBA Survey of Flat-Spectrum FIRST Sources
J.S. Ulvestad, E.B. Fomalont (NRAO), H. Kimora (NRO-Mitaka)
50.24 New VLBA Identifications of Compact Symmetric Objects
A. B. Peck (NRAO/NMIMT), G. B. Taylor (NRAO)
50.25 Magnetic Fields in Quasar Cores
G.B. Taylor (NRAO)
50.26 Circular Polarization Imaging of four AGN with the VLBA
J. F. C. Wardle, D. C. Homan (Brandeis University)
50.27 Making Movies with AIPS: Movies of 12 Superluminal Blazars at 15 GHz
C. C. Cheung, D. C. Homan, J. F. C. Wardle, D. H. Roberts (Brandeis U.), R. Ojha (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
50.28 Measurement of Superluminal Motion of Radio-Loud AGNs at 43 GHz with the VLBA
S.G. Marchenko, A.P. Marscher (Boston U.), T.V. Cawthorne (U. Central Lancashire), J.A. Stevens, W.K. Gear (MSSL), M.L. Lister (JPL), E.I. Robson (JAC), P.S. Smith (NOAO), J.R. Forster (BIMA), D.C. Gabuzda (JIVE)
50.29 The Parsec-Scale Magnetic Field Properties of Low-Optical Polarization Blazars
M. L. Lister (JPL), P. S. Smith (KPNO)
50.30 VSOP and Ground-based VLBI Imaging of the TeV Blazar Markarian 421 at Multiple Epochs
B.G. Piner, S.C. Unwin (JPL), A.E. Wehrle (IPAC), P.G. Edwards (ISAS), A.L. Fey, K.A. Kingham (USNO)
50.31 The Parsec-Scale Radio Structure of X-Ray-Selected BL Lacs
T.A. Rector (NOAO), D.C. Gabuzda (ASC/Lebedev Sci. Inst.), J.T. Stocke (CASA - Colorado)
50.32 Very Long Baseline Polarimetry of BL Lacertae
G. R. Denn, R. L. Mutel (University of Iowa)

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