AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 58. The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect: Latest Results and Future Prospects

Topical, Oral, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 2:30-4:00pm, 4:15-6:00pm, Continental Ballroom B

58.01 Probing the High Redshift Universe with Interferometric Observations of the Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect
J. E. Carlstrom, J. J. Mohr, E. D. Reese, G. P. Holder, E. M. Leitch (U.Chicago), M. K. Joy (NASA/MSFC), L. Grego (CfA), S. Patel (U.Alabama), W. L. Holzapfel (U.C.Berkeley)
58.02 How the Intrinsic Shapes of Galaxy Clusters Influence Distance Determinations using the SZ Effect
J.P. Hughes (Rutgers University)
58.03 Results from the Viper Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Survey
A.K. Romer (CMU), G. Griffin (CMU), J.B Peterson (CMU), R.C. Nichol (CMU), M. Newcomb (CMU)
58.04 Measurements of the SZE in a Complete Sample of Nearby Clusters of Galaxies
S.T. Myers, B.S. Mason (University of Pennsylvania)
58.05 Why H0 from SZ really works
M. E. Jones, R. Saunders, K. Grainge, W. F. Grainger, A. Maggi (Cavendish Lab., U. Cambridge, UK)
58.06 Distance Estimates for High Redshift Clusters from SZ and X-ray Measurements
M. Joy (NASA/MSFC), J.E. Carlstrom, E.D. Reese, G.P. Holder, J. Mohr (U. Chicago), S.K. Patel (U. Ala. Huntsville), L. Grego (SAO), W.L. Holzapfel (UC Berkeley), M. Donahue (STScI), J.P. Hughes (Rutgers), D. Neumann (Saclay)
58.07 Intra-Cluster Medium Mass Fractions from Interferometric Measurements of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect
L. Grego (SAO), J. E. Carlstrom, E. D. Reese, G. P. Holder (U. Chicago), M. K. Joy (NASA MSFC), S. Patel (U. Alabama Huntsville), W. L. Holzapfel (UC Berkeley)
58.08 The Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect on Blank Sky
J. Bartlett (Strasbourg)
58.09 Using the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect to Constrain the High-Redshift Cluster Abundance
C.A. Metzler (University of Illinois)
58.10 How Many Clusters in the Sky? Expectations from the Hubble Volume Light-Cone Surveys
A.E. Evrard (U. Michigan), Virgo Collaboration
58.11 Overcoming Systematics in Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Distance Measurements
J.J. Mohr, E.D. Reese, J.E. Carlstrom, G.P. Holder (U Chicago), A.E. Evrard (U Michigan)
58.12 Prospects for Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect Analysis with the Chandra X-ray Observatory
L. Van Speybroeck (SAO)
58.13 Studying Distant Clusters with XMM
M. Arnaud (SAp/CEA Saclay)
58.14 The Utility of Precision Measurements of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect
A. Stebbins (Fermilab)
58.15 Future Measurements of the Sunyaev Zel'dovic Effect
J. B. Peterson (Carnegie Mellon U.)

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