AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 59. Active Region Formation and Evolution

Solar, Oral, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 2:30-4:00pm, Continental Ballroom C

59.01 Imaging of Emerging Magnetic Flux by Time-Distance Helioseismology
A.G. Kosovichev (Stanford), T.L. Duvall Jr. (GSFC), P.H. Scherrer (Stanford)
59.02D The Current Driven Kink Instability and Its Relationship to \delta- Spot Active Regions
M. G. Linton (Naval Research Laboratory), G. H. Fisher (Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley), D. W. Longcope (Montana State University), R. B. Dahlburg (Naval Research Laboratory), Y. Fan (HAO/UCAR)
59.03 The Emergence of Kink-Unstable Magnetic Flux Tubes and the Origin of \delta-Configuration Sunspots
Y. Fan (HAO/NCAR), E.G. Zweibel (JILA/CU), M.G. Linton (NRL), G.H. Fisher (SSL/UC Berkeley)
59.04 Time Variation of Active Region Loops Observed with CDS on SOHO
T. Fredvik, O. Kjeldseth-Moe (ITA), P. Brekke (ESA), S.V.H. Haugan (ITA)
59.05 A Transition Region Eruption Observed with CDS, TRACE and EIT
P. Brekke (ESA), O. Kjeldseth-Moe, T. Fredvik, S.V.H. Haugan (ITA), T.D. Tarbell (LMSAL), J.B. Gurman (NASA/GSFC)
59.06 Initiation of Coronal Mass Ejections by Changes in Photospheric Flux
Z. Mikic, J. A. Linker (SAIC, San Diego)
59.07 The Photospheric Flow Near the Flare Locations of Active Regions
D. Choudhary (MSFC)
59.08 Fine Structure in Sunspots, III: Penumbral Grains
G.W. Simon (Air Force Research Lab and National Solar Observatory), M. Sobotka (Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic), P.B. Brandt (Kiepenheuer-Institut)

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