AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 7. Spirals and Ellipticals

Display, Monday, May 31, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

7.01 Near-Infrared Observations of Hotspots in the Circumnuclear Rings of NGC 2997 and NGC 6951
D.M. Elmegreen, F.R. Chromey, J.E. Sawyer (Vassar Coll.), E.L. Reinfeld (Wellesley Coll.)
7.02 Mass and age of the nuclear cluster in IC342
T. Boeker (STScI/ESA), R.P. van der Marel (STScI), W.D. Vacca (Univ. of Hawaii)
7.03 Imaging and Large-Scale Structure with the BIMA Survey of CO in Nearby Spiral Galaxies (BIMA SONG)
T.T. Helfer, M.D. Thornley (NRAO), M.W. Regan (CIW/DTM), T. Wong, L. Blitz, D.C.-J. Bock (UC Berkeley), K. Sheth, S.N. Vogel, A. Harris (U Maryland)
7.04 Dust in Spiral Galaxies: Comparing Emission and Absorption to Constrain Small-Scale and Very Cold Structures
D.L. Domingue, W.C. Keel, R.E. White,III (U. Alabama), S.D. Ryder (JAC)
7.05 Surface brightness analysis of HST WFPC2 galaxies
K. U. Ratnatunga, R. E. Griffiths (Carnegie Mellon University)
7.06 Inner-Truncated Disks in Galaxies
K.S.J. Anderson (New Mexico State U.), S.M. Baggett (STScI), W.E. Baggett (Computer Sciences Corp.)
7.07 Automated Morphological Classification of Galaxies using Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks: A description of the computational scheme
S. Goderya, S. Lolling, R. Ahmed (Illinois State U.)
7.08 A Comparison of the Emission and Absorption Line Kinematics of Galaxies
H. Kobulnicky, Karl Gebhardt (Lick Obs./UC Santa Cruz)
7.09 How Do Rotation Curves Extend Upwards?
R. A. Benjamin, D. P. Cox (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
7.10 Spiral Structure of NGC 4079
B. Canzian (U.S. Naval Observatory)
7.11 Serendipitous 2MASS Discoveries in the Galactic Plane: A Galaxy and a Globular Cluster
R.L. Hurt, T. Jarrett, R. Cutri (IPAC/Caltech), M. Skrutskie, S. Schneider (UMASS), W. Van Driel (Nancay)
7.12 Simulated Imaging of the M31 halo Using the Next Generation Space Telescope
R.M. Rich (UCLA), J.D. Neill (Columbia U.)
7.13 A Deep UV STIS Image of Hot Horizontal Branch Stars in M32
T.M. Brown, C.W. Bowers, R.A. Kimble, A.V. Sweigart (GSFC), H.C. Ferguson (STScI)
7.14 Deep Optical Imaging and Photometry of Shell Galaxies
C. T. Liu (Columbia U./AMNH), J.H. van Gorkom (Columbia U.), J.E. Hibbard (NRAO), D. Schiminovich (Caltech), A. Fujita (Columbia)
7.15 Lagrangian Methods for the Study of Small Perturbations in Galaxies
P. O. Vandervoort (The University of Chicago)

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