AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 8. Space Instruments

Display, Monday, May 31, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

8.01 Wide-Field Planetary Camera II Status Update
J. Biretta, S. Baggett, S. Casertano, S. Gonzaga, I. Heyer, M. Wiggs, M. McMaster (STScI)
8.02 Charge Transfer Efficiency of the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2
I. Heyer, B. Whitmore, S. Casertano, J. Biretta (Space Telescope Science Institute)
8.03 Analysis, results, and assessment of the NICMOS warmup monitoring program
M. Sosey, T. Boeker, J. Bacinski, L.E. Bergeron, D. Gilmore, S. Holfeltz, B. Monroe (STScI), STScI NICMOS Team
8.04 NICMOS Data Reduction Tools
H. Bushouse, A. Sivaramakrishnan, M. Dickinson, A. Nota (STScI)
8.05 FGS1r, HST's Interferometer That Can
E. Nelan, R. Makidon, L. Nagel (STScI)
8.06 The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
J. C. Green, J. A. Morse (CU/CASA)
8.07 Development and Testing of the Automatic Calibration Pipeline for the Advanced Camera for Surveys
C. M. Pavlovsky, M. J. Mutchler, W. J. Hack (STScI)
8.08 Pathways to NGST
J. D. Garnett (Raytheon Systems Co.), W. J. Forrest, J. L. Pipher, W. J. Glaccum (University of Rochester), C. R. McCreight, M. E. McKelvey, R. E. McMurray, Jr. (NASA Ames Research Center)
8.09 Strategies for High-Contrast Imaging with NGST
J. Trauger (JPL), D. Backman (Franklin \& Marshall), C. Beichman, C. Grillmair (IPAC), G. Djorgovski, S. Kulkarni, C. Martin (Caltech), E. Gaidos, Y. Gursel, S. Macenka, M. Ressler, R. Sahai, M. Shao, K. Stapelfeldt, M. Werner (JPL), R. Lyon (GSFC), M. Ealey (Xinetics)
8.10 Mid-Infrared Astronomy with the NGST
E. Serabyn, M. Barsony, M. Ressler, M. Werner (JPL), L. Armus, D. Shupe, C. Xu (IPAC), D. Backman (Franklin \& Marshall), L. Ho (OCIW), D. Koerner (UPenn), E. van Dishoeck (Univ. Leiden), C.G. Wynn-Williams (U. Hawaii)
8.11 Interferometer Designs for the Terrestrial Planet Finder
P.R. Lawson, P.J. Dumont, M.M. Colavita (JPL)
8.12 The Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer Concept Study
S.D. Horner, M.E. Germain (USNO), T.P. Greene (NASA Ames), F.H. Harris (USNO), M.S. Johnson (NRL), K.J. Johnston, D.G. Monet, M.A. Murison (USNO), J.D. Phillips, R.D. Reasenberg (SAO), P.K. Seidelmann (USNO), S.J. Talabac (Omitron), S.E. Urban (USNO), D. Van Buren (IPAC), R.H. Vassar (Lockheed Martin)
8.13 Diffuse/Multi-Object Spectral Imaging of the Interstellar Medium Using Tomographic Inversion of Ultraviolet Sources
F. Kamalabadi (Center for Space Physics and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), T. Cook, V. Taylor, S. Chakrabarti (Department of Astronomy and Center for Space Physics)
8.14 OPUS3: A Mission Concept for Low Cost UV Astrophysics.
W.M. Harris (Space Astronomy Lab., U. Wisconsin), R. Paulos (Space Science and Engineering Center, U. Wisconsin), D. Carson (GSFC), D. McGuffey (Swales Aerospace), OPUS3 Science Team
8.15 Science Goals of the ST-2010 Mission
J.M. Shull (CU/CASA), B.D. Savage (U. Wisc.), J.A. Morse (CU/CASA), S.G. Neff (NASA/GSFC), J.T. Clarke (U. Mich.), T.M. Heckman (JHU), A.L. Kinney (STScI), E.B. Jenkins (Princeton), A.K. Dupree (SAO/CfA), S.A. Baum (STScI), H. Hasan (NASA-HQ/STScI)
8.16 Low Frequency Astrophysics From Space
R. A. Perley (NRAO), C. K. Lacey (NRL/NRC), D. L. Jones (JPL), K. W. Weiler (NRL), M. L. Kaiser (GSFC), R. J. Allen (STScI)
8.17 Efficiency Calibration of the Multilayer-coated Holographic Ion-Etched Flight Gratings for the J-PEX Sounding Rocket Spectrometer
M.P. Kowalski (NRL), T.W. Barbee, Jr. (LLNL), K.F. Heidemann (Carl Zeiss), H. Gursky, J.C. Rife (NRL), W.R. Hunter (SFA), G.G. Fritz, R.G. Cruddace (NRL)
8.18 The Balloon-Launched Asteroseismology Telescope (BLAST)
G. Murphy (JHU/APL), D. Buzasi (UC Berkeley), T. Brown (HAO/NCAR), P. Chen (NASA/GSFC)

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