Solar Physics Division Meeting 2000, June 19-22
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 1. Helioseismology, Magnetic Fields, Chromosphere and Transition Region

Display, Chair: C. U. Keller, Monday-Thursday, June 19, 2000, 8:00am-6:00pm, Forum Ballroom

1.01 Dynamics of the Granulation: A Non-Linear Approach
A. Nesis, R. Hammer, M. Roth, H. Schleicher (Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik)
1.02 Solar rotation From GOLF/LOWL
T. Corbard, S. J. Jiménez Reyes, S. Tomczyk (High Altitude Observatory / National Center for Atmospheric Research), GOLF Team
1.03 Helioseismic Dense-Pack Ring Diagram Analyses to Study Evolution of Subsurface Flows With Advancing Solar Cycle
D. A. Haber, B. W. Hindman, J. Toomre (JILA / Univ. of Colorado), R. S. Bogart, R. M. Larsen (HEPL-CSSA / Stanford Univ.), F. Hill (NSO)
1.04 Large-Scale Surface Flow Patterns on the Sun
L. H. Strous (Lockheed Martin ATC)
1.05 Time-Distance Studies of Supergranule Evolution
J.G. Beck (HEPL - Stanford), T.L. Jr. Duvall (NASA/GSFC)
1.06 Evolving Dynamics of the Supergranular Flow Field
M.L. DeRosa, J.P. Lisle, J. Toomre (University of Colorado)
1.07 A Wave-Theory Approach to Time-Distance Helioseismology
A. C. Birch (Department of Physics, Stanford University), A. G. Kosovichev (W.W. Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford University)
1.08 Near-surface Horizontal Flows in Sunspots and Supergranules
L. Gizon (Stanford), T.L. Duvall, Jr. (NASA/GSFC), R.M. Larsen (Stanford)
1.09 Local Fractional Frequency Shifts of Helioseismic Modes Associated With Magnetic Activity Using Ring-Diagram Analyses
B. W. Hindman, D. A. Haber, J. Toomre (JILA / Univ. of Colorado), R. S. Bogart (HEPL-CSSA, Stanford Univ.)
1.10 Solar Oscillation Transitions in Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory
M. Roth, M. Stix (Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik)
1.11 Studying Asphericity in the Solar Sound Speed from MDI and GONG Data 1995-1999
J. Schou (Stanford), H.M. Antia (TIFR, Mumbai, India), S. Basu (Yale), R. Howe (NSO), F. Hill (NSO), R.W. Komm (NSO)
1.12 Photometric Measurements of the Solar Disk at BBSO
M. F. Woodard (Big Bear Solar Observatory), K. G. Libbrecht (California Institute of Technology)
1.13 Solar-Cycle Changes in Convection-Zone Dynamics from SOI and GONG Data
R. Howe (NSO), J. Christensen-Dalsgaard (TAC/Aarhus U.), F. Hill (NSO), R.W. Komm (NSO), R.M. Larsen (Stanford U.), J. Schou (Stanford U.), M.J. Thompson (QMW, U. London), J. Toomre (U. Colorado)
1.14 Width and Energy of Solar P-Modes Observed by GONG
R. Komm, R. Howe, F. Hill (NSO)
1.15 Instability of Tachocline Differential Rotation in a Shallow-Water Model, and the Solar Dynamo
M. Dikpati, P. A. Gilman (HAO/NCAR)
1.16 The GONG+ Network
J. W. Leibacher (National Solar Observatory), GONG Project Team
1.17 The ECHO (Experiment for Coordinated Helioseismic Observations) Network
S. Tomczyk (HAO/NCAR), S. J. Jiménez Reyes (HAO/NCAR, IAC), A. Jiménez, P.L. Pallé (IAC)
1.18 The Spatial Distribution of Molecules in Sunspots
D. M. Rabin (NSO/NOAO), T. A. Clark, M. W. Bergman (University of Calgary)
1.19 Untangling Sunspot Penumbrae: New Stokes Profile Analyses
K. D. Leka (Colorado Research Associates/NWRA), H. Socas Navarro (High Altitude Observatory/NCAR)
1.20 Diagnostics of Solar Magnetic Fields by Time-Distance Helioseismology
J. Zhao (Stanford University), T.L. Duvall, Jr (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA GSFC), A.G. Kosovichev (Stanford University)
1.21 Plasma Flows within and around Sunspots
T. A. Bai, P. H. Scherrer (Stanford University)
1.22 Coordinated MDI/TRACE/SVST Observations of Sunspots
R. I. Bush (Stanford University), R. A. Shine (Lockheed Martin), P. Brandt (Kiepenheuer-Institut, Freiburg), M. Sobotka (Astronomical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), G. Scharmer (Stockholm Observatory)
1.23 Recognition of Ephemeral Regions on a sequence of full-disk MDI magnetograms
H.J. Hagenaar (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Labs)
1.24 Solar Feature Identification Using Contrasts and Contiguity
S.R. Walton, D.G. Preminger (San Fernando Observatory, Cal State Northridge)
1.25 Stokes Asymmetries & Gradient Corrections to Milne-Eddington Atmospheres
A. Skumanich (High Altitude Obs - NCAR)
1.26 New Measurements of the Ratio of Facular to Sunspot Area
G. A. Chapman, A.M. Cookson, J.J. Dobias (SFO/CSUN)
1.27 Differences in the Sun's Radiative Output in Cycles 22 and 23
O. R. White (HAO/NCAR), G. de Toma (LASP/CU), G. A. Chapman, S. R. Walton (SFO,CSUN), K. L. Harvey (SPRC), A. M. Cookson, D. G. Preminger (SFO,CSUN)
1.28 Solar UV Irradiance Variability Observed at High Spatial and Spectral Resolution by HRTS
J. S. Morrill, K. P. Dere, C. M. Korendyke (E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research, Naval Research Laboratory)
1.29 The Nature of Wave Excitation in the Magnetic Network
S.S. Hasan (Indian Institute of Astrophysics), W. Kalkofen (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
1.30 Acoustic Waves in a Three-Dimensional Stratified Atmosphere
W. Kalkofen (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), S. Massaglia (Dipartimento di Fisica Generale dell'Università, Torino), G. Bodo, P. Rossi (Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino)
1.31 Chromospheric Damping of Alfvén Waves
B. De Pontieu (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab), P.C.H. Martens (Physics Department, Montana State University), H.S. Hudson (SPRC/ISAS)
1.32 Quiet Sun Oscillation Packets
J. Ireland (ESA External Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), S. W. McIntosh (High Altitude Observatory, NCAR), B. Fleck (ESA Space Science Department, NASA/GSFC)
1.33D The Dynamics of Buoyant Magnetic Ropes and the Generation of Vorticity in their Periphery
T. Emonet (The University of Chicago), F. Moreno-Insertis (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain), M.P. Rast (High Altitude Observatory, NCAR)
1.34 Incorporating magnetic buoyancy in solar dynamo models: New results, problems -- and their possible solutions.
D. Nandy, A. R. Choudhuri (Indian Institute of Science)
1.35 3D MHD Simulation of Flux Tube Dynamics: Comparison with Thin Flux Tube Models
G. H. Fisher, W. P. Abbett (UC Berkeley), Y. Fan (HAO/NCAR)
1.36 The Cohesion of 3-D Magnetic Flux Tubes in a Rotating, Stratified Model Convection Zone
W. Abbett, G. Fisher (University of California, Berkeley), Y. Fan (HAO, National Center for Atmospheric Research)
1.37 Effects of Non-Uniform Thermal Conduction on Solar Convection-Zone Flux Tubes
D.D. Lenz, F. Moreno-Insertis (Instituto de Astrof\'{i}sica de Canarias)
1.38 Properties and Time Variability of Solar Activity Structures
K. L. Harvey (SPRC), J. Barentine (NSO/NOAO)
1.39 Synoptic Magnetic Field Measurements
J.T. Hoeksema (HEPL @ Stanford), R.I. Bush, K.-C. Chu, Y. Liu, P.H. Scherrer, J. Sommers, X.P. Zhao (Stanford), SOHO/MDI Team
1.40 Proton Magnetization as the Triggering Mechanism for Chromospheric Network Heating by Pedersen Current Dissipation
M.L. Goodman (Catholic University of America, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
1.41 Observation of Shocks in the Chromosphere and Transition Region
M. P. Ryutova (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/IGPP), T. D. Tarbell (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center)
1.42 TRACE Observations of Active Region Births
C.J. Wolfson, R.A. Shine (LMSAL)
1.43 Seeking the Magnetic Roots of a Sample of SOHO Coronal Bright Points
J. L. R. Saba (Lockheed Martin ATC at GSFC), E. B. Zamkoff (Stanford U. at GSFC), H. E. Mason (Cambridge U.), C. D. Pike (Rutherford Appleton Lab.), J. D. Moses (NRL), J. F. Covington (Lockheed Martin ATC)
1.44 Observation and Theory of Coronal Loop Structure
J.A. Klimchuk, S.K. Antiochos (Naval Research Lab.), D. Norton (High Performance Fortran Associates), J.A. Watko (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
1.45 Electric Current Systems in Solar Active Regions
B. J. LaBonte, D. L. Mickey (University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy)
1.46 Equilibrium and Stability of Prominence Flux Ropes
B.H. Fong (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
1.47 Are Dipped Field Lines Required for Prominence Formation?
J.T. Karpen, S.K. Antiochos (NRL), P.J. MacNeice (Drexel U.)
1.48 Observational Evidence for Magnetic Dips in Solar Prominences
Sangwoo Lee, H. S. Yun, Jung-Hoon Kim (SNU), J. Chae, P. R. Goode (BBSO), G. S. Choe (PPPL)
1.49 Magnetic Energy Relaxation by Null-Point Reconnection
S. K. Antiochos, J. T. Karpen, C. R. DeVore (NRL)
1.50 Reconnection of Orthogonal Magnetic Flux Tubes
M. G. Linton, R. B. Dahlburg, S. K. Antiochos (Naval Research Laboratory)
1.51 Effects on Magnetic Structures by Disrupting Plasma Flows and Surface Magnetic Fields
Y. Mok (University of California, Irvine), J. Linker, Z. Mikic (SAIC, San Diego)
1.52 On Formation of Sigmoidal Structure in Active Region AR8100
Y. Liu (HEPL,Stanford Univ.), X.P. Zhao (HEPL,Stanford Univ.), J.T. Hoeksema (HEPL,Stanford Univ.), J. Wang (Beijing Astro. Obs.), Y. Yan (Beijing Astro. Obs.)
1.53 Magnetic Topology in November 5, 1998 Two-Ribbon Flare as Inferred from Ground-Based Observations and Linear Force-Free Field Modeling
V. B. Yurchyshyn, H. Wang, J. Qiu, P.R. Goode (Big Bear Solar Observatory), V.I. Abramenko (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory)

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