DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 12. Outer Planets Posters II - Chemistry, Thermal, Structure and Magnetospheres

Displayed, 1:00pm, Monday - 1:00pm, Friday,
Highlighted Tuesday, 3:30-6:30pm, C101-C105, C211

12.01 Spectral and Waveform Observations of Jovian Decametric Radio Emission
H.O. Rucker, M.L. Leitner (Space Research Institute, Graz), A. Lecacheux (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, Paris), A. Konovalenko (Radioastronomical Institute, Kharkov)
12.02 OH Cloud in Saturn's Magnetosphere
S. Jurac, J. D. Richardson (M.I.T.), M. A. McGrath (Space Telescope Science Institute), V. M. Vasyliunas (Max Planck Institut fur Aeronomie), A. Eviatar (Tel Aviv University)
12.03 Auroral flares on Jupiter: photometry from Galileo UVS and spectroscopy from HST STIS
W. R. Pryor, A. I. F. Stewart, K. E. Simmons (LASP/University of Colorado), J. T. Clarke (University of Michigan), J. M. Ajello (JPL/Caltech), W. K. Tobiska (FDC/JPL), G. R. Gladstone (Southwest Research Institute)
12.04 HST/STIS Observations of a Dawn Auroral Storm on Jupiter
J.T. Clarke (Univ. Michigan), R. Gladstone (SwRI), W. Pryor (Univ. Colorado), J. Ajello (JPL), L. Ben Jaffel (IAP, France), J. Connerney (NASA/GSFC), J.C. Gerard (Univ. Liege), J. Trauger (JPL), H. Waite (Univ. Michigan)
12.05 Jovian Auroral Chemistry
G.R. Gladstone, T. Majeed (SwRI), J.I. Moses (LPI), J.H. Waite, Jr. (SPRL/U. Michigan), M.A. Allen, Y.L. Yung (Caltech/JPL), W.R. Pryor (LASP/U. Colorado)
12.06 Parametric Radiative Transfer Study of H Ly-\alpha Emission Profiles from the Upper Atmosphere of Jupiter
Y. J. Kim (Univ.of Michigan), L. Ben Jaffel (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris), J. Clarke (Univ.of Michigan)
12.07 Cassini UVIS Cruise Science Observations
L.W. Esposito, A.I.F. Stewart, A.R. Hendrix, W.R. Pryor (LASP, University of Colorado), UVIS Team
12.08 Analysis of Galileo/NIMS 5 micron spectra: a synthesis of all the data
S. Vicente, M. Roos-Serote (Lisbon Astron. Obs., Portugal), P. Drossart (Obs. of Paris-Meudon, France), L. Kamp, R.W. Carlson (JPL)
12.09 The methane homopause of Jupiter as seen in IR spectroscopy from the occultation of star HIP9369
P. Drossart, B. Sicardy, F. Roques, T. Widemann (DESPA, Obs. Paris-Meudon), G.R. Gladstone, J.H. Waite (SWRI), M. Vincent (NMSU)
12.10 Hydrocarbon Distribution in Saturn's Upper Atmosphere. Re-analysis of Saturn's Voyager UVS H-Lyman-alpha and He 584 A Airglow
L. Ben-Jaffel (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris-CNRS, Paris, France), D. Feng (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Univ. of Arizona), F. Herbert (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Univ. of Arizona)
12.11 A 2-D Photochemical Model with Meridional Circulation
S.G. Edgington, R.A. West, A.J. Friedson (JPL), S.K. Atreya (U.Michigan)
12.12 Organo-Nitrogen Reactions on Jupiter
V. L. Lamothe (SUNY Buffalo), J. I. Moses (LPI)
12.13 Calibration of a ground-based technique to measure water on Jupiter using Galileo/NIMS data
G. L. Bjoraker (NASA/GSFC), T. Hewagama (U. Md at GSFC), M. Roos-Serote (Lisbon Astronomical Observatory), G. S. Orton, R. W. Carlson (JPL)
12.14 Mid-IR Observations of Ethylene on Jupiter
P. V. Sada (Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico), P. N. Romani, D. E. Jennings, G. L. Bjoraker (NASA/GSFC), R. Boyle (Dickinson College), G. McCabe (Ratheon STX and NASA/GSFC)
12.15 Unusual Isotopic Ratios in the Long-lived Molecular Constituents in the Jovian Stratosphere resulting from the SL/9 Encounter
H.E. Matthews (NRC Canada &\ JACH), A. Marten, R. Moreno (DESPA, Meudon), T. Owen (IfA, Hawaii)
12.16 Determination of Jupiter's N/H ratio from FTS observations at 5 micron.
T. Fouchet, E. Lellouch (DESPA), J.-P. Maillard (IAP), B. Bezard (DESPA), C. Cottaz, I. Kleiner (LPPM)
12.17 Ammonia 15 N/14 N Isotope Ratio in the Jovian Atmosphere
P. R. Mahaffy, H. B. Niemann (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), S. K. Atreya, M. H. Wong (Univ. of Michigan), T. C. Owen (Univ. of Hawaii)
12.18 D/H Ratio in the Jovian Atmosphere
C.D. Parkinson, J.C. McConnell (Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science, York University, Canada), D. Gautier (Observatoire de Paris, France), L. Ben Jaffel (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris-CNRS, France)
12.19 Jupiter's Tropospheric Temperature Structure in 1996 and 1997
B. M. Fisher, G. S. Orton (JPL/Caltech)

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