DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 35. Galilean Satellites - Atmospheres and Tori Posters

Displayed, 1:00pm, Monday - 1:00pm, Friday,
Highlighted Thursday, 3:30-6:30pm, C101-C105, C211

35.01 Comparison of Torus Conditions Observed by HST and Galileo
F. Bagenal, N. M. Schneider (Univ. Colorado), L. A. Frank, W. Paterson (Univ. Iowa), F. Herbert (Univ. Arizona), A. Hendrix, J. Weiss (Univ. Colorado)
35.02 Spatial and Temporal Modeling of the Exosphere of Ganymede using Sputtering, Sublimation, and Molecule Migration
C. Alexander (Caltech / JPL), A. Lee, Y. Yung (Caltech), B. Butler (NRAO), K. Hibbits (Univeristy of Hawaii), C. Paranicas (Johns Hopkins University / APL)
35.03 Spectroscopic Studies of the Io Torus during Galileo Encounters: Remote Plasma Diagnostics and the Detection of Cl++
N.M. Schneider, A.H. Park (CU/LASP), M.E. Kuppers (U. Bern)
35.04 Photochemistry of a Volcanically Driven Atmosphere on Io
J. I. Moses (LPI), M. Yu. Zolotov, B. Fegley, Jr. (Washington Univ.)
35.05 Understanding the Radial Structure of the Io Plasma Torus
P. A. Delamere, W. H. Smyth (AER, Inc.), M. L. Marconi (FPRI)
35.06 Lyman-\alpha Emission from Io's Disk and Corona
B. C. Wolven, D. F. Strobel, K. D. Retherford, P. D. Feldman, H. W. Moos (JHU)
35.07 Variability of the composition of Io's exosphere deduced from the spectrum of ion cyclotron waves
Y. L. Wang, C. T. Russell, J. Raeder, M. G. Kivelson (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California Los Angeles)
35.08 Circulation of Plasma in the Jovian Magnetosphere as Inferred from the Galileo Magnetometer Observations
Z. J. Yu, C. T. Russell, M. G. Kivelson, K. K. Khurana (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California Los Angeles)
35.09 Moderate-Resolution EUV Spectra of the Io Plasma Torus During the Galileo I24 Visit
F. Herbert (U. of Arizona), G. R. Gladstone (SWRI)
35.10 Three-dimensional Structure of the Io Plasma Torus from Ground-based Images
J. W. Weiss, N. M. Schneider (CU/LASP)
35.11 Millimeter--wave observations of Io's atmosphere: the IRAM 1999 campaign
E. Lellouch (Observatoire de Paris, France), G. Paubert (IRAM Granada, Spain), D.F. Strobel (JHU, Baltimore), M. Belton (NOAO, Tucson)
35.12 Synoptic Imaging of the Io Plasma Torus in [S II] 6731Å: Long-term Variability
R. C. Woodward (U. Wisc.), R. J. Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), F. Scherb, F. L. Roesler (U. Wisc.)
35.13 Io Atmospheric [O I] 6300Å\ Emission and the Plasma Torus
R.J. Oliversen (NASA/GSFC), F. Scherb (U Wisc), W.H. Smyth (AER), M.E. Freed (Ratheon ITSS), R.C. Woodward, Jr. (U Wisc), M.L. Marconi (Fresh Pond Res Inst), K.D. Retherford (JHU), O.L. Lupie (CSC)
35.14 Laboratory Invesitgations of a Sodium Atmosphere Produced by UV Irradiation: Europa as a Case Study
L. S. Bruesch, J. R. Green (Caltech/JPL)
35.15 UVSTAR Observations of the Io Plasma Torus
G.E. Ballester, F. Herbert, A.L. Broadfoot, B.R. Sandel (LPL, U. Arizona)

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