DPS Pasadena Meeting 2000, 23-27 October 2000
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 36. Comets: Orbital Dynamics, Nuclei

Oral, Chairs: H. Weaver, H. Levison, Wednesday,
2000/10/25, 4:00-6:00pm, Little Theater (C107)

36.01 The origin of Halley-type comets: probing the inner Oort cloud
H. Levison, L. Dones (SwRI), M. Duncan (Queen's U.)
36.02 Formation of the Oort Cloud Revisited
L. Dones, H. Levison (SwRI), M. Duncan (Queen's Univ.), P. Weissman (JPL)
36.03 Collisional Evolution of Proto-Comets in the Solar Nebula During Ejection to the Oort Cloud: A Key Process
S.A. Stern (SwRI), P.R. Weissman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), D.D. Durda (SwRI)
36.04 The nucleus of 13 short-period comets
P.L. Lamy (LAS), I. Toth (LAS), H.A. Weaver (JHU), C. Delahodde (ESO), L. Jorda (MPAe), M.F. A'Hearn (U.Md.)
36.05 Laboratory Simulation of Cometary Nuclei: Mechanical Properties of Porous Ice-Dust Mixtures
J. R. Green, L. S. Bruesch (Caltech/JPL)
36.06 HST and VLT Investigations of the Fragments of C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)
H.A. Weaver (JHU), R. West (ESO), M.F. A'Hearn (Univ. Md.), C. Arpigny (Univ. Liège), J.M. Bauer (Univ. Hawaii), M.R. Combi (Univ. Mich.), J.K. Davies (JAC), C.E. Delahodde (ESO/Chile), P.D. Feldman (JHU), M.C. Fes tou (ESO/Chile), O.R. Hainaut (ESO/Chile), R. Hook (ESO/ECF), L. Jorda (MPI), M.S.W. Keesey (JPL/Caltech), P.L. Lamy (LAS), C.M. Lisse (STScI), B.G. Marsden (SAO), K.J. Meech (Univ. Hawaii), Z. Sekanina (JPL/Caltech), I. Toth (Konkoly Obs.), G.-P. Tozzi (Arcetri Obs.)
36.07 Comet LINEAR C/1999 S4 - an absolutely well-behaved comet before breakup
S.B. Peschke (VILSPA/ESA), C.M. Lisse (STScI), Y.R. Fernandez (UH-IfA), M. Ressler (NASA/JPL), M. Stickel (MPIA), C. Kaminski, B. Golish (NASA/IRTF)
36.08 Thermal and Optical Investigation of 9P/Tempel 1
K.J. Meech (IfA), M.F. A'Hearn (UMD), M.J.S. Belton (NOAO), Y. Fernández, J.M. Bauer, J. Pittichová (IfA), M.W. Buie (Lowell Obsty), G.P. Tozzi (Oss. Astrofísico di Arcetri), Carey Lisse (STScI)
36.09 Detailed Phase Function of a Comet Nucleus: 28P/Neujmin~1
C.E. Delahodde, O.R. Hainaut (ESO/Chile), P.L. Lamy (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), K.J. Meech (Institute for Astronomy)
36.10 The Nature of the CO Source of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann~1
M. C. Festou (Midi-Pyrénées Obser., Toulouse, France), M. Gunnarsson, H. Rickman (Astron. Observatory, Uppsala, Sweden), A. Winnberg (Onsala Rymdobservatorium, Onsala, Sweden), G. Tancredi (Fac. Ciencias, Montevideo - Uruguay)
36.11 A Model of Comet Nucleus Rotation
H.U. Keller, L. Jorda (MPIfA), H. Rickman (Uppsala Astronomical Obs.), N. Thomas (MPIfA)
36.12 The Excited Rotation State of 2P/Encke.
M.J.S. Belton (Belton Space Exploration Initiatives)

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