AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 14. Old Stars and the Material Around Them

Display, Monday, June 4, 2001, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

14.01 Departures from spherical symmetry in Mira variables at PTI
R.R. Thompson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory / U. Wyoming), M.J. Creech-Eakman (Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory), PTI Collaboration
14.02 A Possible Massive Asteroid Belt Around HR 1998
C.H. Chen, M. Jura (UCLA)
14.03 RY Scuti's Expanding Double-Ring Nebula
N. Smith, R.D. Gehrz (U. Minnesota), W.M. Goss (NRAO)
14.04 Keck Observations of HD 169142 and SAO 26804: Results from a Survey of Vega-like sources
R. S. Fisher, C. M. Telesco, R. K. Pina (U. Florida - Infrared Astrophysics Group), R. F. Knacke (Penn State Erie, Behrend College)
14.05 Water Masers around IK Tau
M. W. Hodges (Owens Valley Radio Observatory), K. B. Marvel (American Astronomical Society), M. J. Claussen (NRAO)
14.06 Computer Modeling of Elemental Abundances and Metal Chemistry in the Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB Stars
J. L. Highberger, D. Arnett, L. M. Ziurys (University of Arizona), S. Petrie (Australian National University)
14.07 More Metal Isocyanides: Detection of AlNC Towards IRC+10216
L.M. Ziurys, C. Savage, J.L. Highberger, A.J. Apponi (Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona), M. Guelin (IRAM France), J. Cernicharo (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia,CSIC, Spain)
14.08 The remarkable outer ejecta of \eta Carinae
K. Weis (U. of Minnesota)

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