AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 21. Planetary Systems: Instrumentation and Surveys

Poster, Monday, January 6, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

21.01 Extreme Adaptive Optics Planet Imager
B. Macintosh (LLNL), J.R. Graham (UCB), A. Ghez (UCLA), P. Kalas, J. Lloyd (UCB), R. Makidon (STScI), S. Olivier (LLNL), J. Patience (Caltech), M. Perrin (UCB), L. Poyneer (LLNL), S. Severson, A. Sheinis (UCSC), A. Sivaramakrishnan (STScI), M. Troy, J. Wallace (JPL), J. Wilhelmsen (LLNL)
21.02 Experimental design for the eXtreme Adaptive Optics Planet Imager (XAOPI)
J. R. Graham (UC Berkeley), B. Macintosh (LLNL), A. Ghez (UCLA), P. Kalas, J. Lloyd (UC Berkeley), R. Makidon (STScI), S. Olivier (LLNL), J. Patience (Caltech), M. Perrin (UC Berkeley), L. Poyneer (LLNL), S. Severson, A. Sheinis (UCSC), A Sivaramakrishnan (STScI), M. Troy, J. Wallace (JPL), J. Wilhelmsen (LLNL)
21.03 Wavelength Dependence of the ACS Coronagraphic PSF
W.B. Sparks (STScI), H.C. Ford (JHU), J. Krist, M. Clampin (STScI), D. Golimowski (JHU)
21.04 Development and Testing of an Optimal Shaped Pupil Coronagraph for Extrasolar Planet Finding
D.N. Spergel (Princeton University), J.N. Kasdin (Dept of Mech. & Aero. Eng., Princeton), R.J. Vanderbei (Dept of Oper. Research & Fin. Eng., Princeton), M.G. Littman (Dept of Mech & Aero. Eng., Princeton), M. Carr (Dept. of Astrophys. Sci., Princeton), D. Mumm (Princeton Materials Inst., Princeton), M. Pueyo (Dept. of Mech & Aero. Eng., Princeton)
21.05 Extrasolar Planet Transit Light Curves and a Method to Select the Best Planet Candidates for Mass Follow-up
S. Seager (Carnegie Institution of Washington), G. Mallen-Ornelas (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
21.06 Searching for Extrasolar Planets with the RAPTOR Sky Monitoring System
W. T. Vestrand, K. Borozdin, D. Casperson, M. Galassi, K. McGowan, D. Starr, R. R. White, P. Wozniak, J. Wren (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
21.07 Measurements of Activity and Rotation Periods in The California & Carnegie Planet Search Program Stars
J. T. Wright, G. W. Marcy, D. A. Fischer (UC Berkeley), R. P. Butler (Carnegie Inst. of Washington, DTM)
21.08U Lick adaptive optics survey searching for low-mass companions to young, nearby stars
Q.M. Konopacky (UCLA), B.A. Macintosh (IGPP at LLNL), A.M. Ghez, B. Zuckerman, D. Kaisler, I. Song (UCLA)
21.09 The RECONS Census: Spying on Your Neighbors
T.J. Henry, W.C. Jao, J.P. Subasavage (Georgia State University), E. Costa (University of Chile), P.A. Ianna (University of Virginia), R.A. Mendez (European Southern Observatory), RECONS Team
21.10 Searching for Cool Companions to White Dwarfs
J. Farihi, E.E. Becklin, B. Zuckerman (UCLA)
21.11 A Catalogue of Low Mass Stars Found in STIS Parallels
E. Malumuth (SSAI/GSFC)
21.12 An All-Sky Survey to Find Planetary Transits
J. Pepper, A. Gould, D. L. Depoy (Ohio State University)
21.13 The Galactic Exoplanet Survey Telescope: A Unique Probe of the Exoplanetary Mass Function in the Milky Way Galaxy
D. P. Bennett (Notre Dame), J. Bally (Colorado), I. Bond (Auckland), E. Cheng (NASA/Goddard), K. Cook (LLNL), D. Deming (NASA/Goddard), P. Garnavich (Notre Dame), M. Greenhouse (NASA/Goddard), K. Griest (UCSD), D. Jewitt, N. Kaiser (Hawaii), T. Lauer (NOAO), J. Lunine (Arizona), G. Luppino (Hawaii), J. Mather (NASA/Goddard), D. Minniti (Universidad Catolica de Chile), S. Peale (UCSB), S. Rhie (Notre Dame), J. Rhodes (NASA/Goddard), J. Schneider (Observatoire de Paris), G. Sonneborn (NASA/Goddard), R. Stevenson (Notre Dame), C. Stubbs (Washington), D. Tenerelli (Lockheed), N. Woolf (Arizona), P. Yock (Auckland)
21.14 The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey
M.R. McGovern, I.S. McLean, L. Prato, A.J. Burgasser (UCLA), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC)
21.15 Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: A SIRTF Legacy Science Program Progess Report
D. Soderblom (STScI), M. R. Meyer (Steward Obs., Univ. of Ariz.), Dana Backman (Franklin & Marshall Coll.), S. V. W. Beckwith (STScI), T. Y. Brooke (JPL), J. M. Carpenter (Caltech), M. Cohen (Radio Astron. Lab, U. C. Berkeley), U. Gorti (NASA-Ames), T. Henning (Astrph. Inst. Jena), L. A. Hillenbrand (Caltech), D. Hines (Steward Obs., U. of ARIZ.), D. Hollenbach (NASA-Ames), S. Kim (Steward Obs., U. of ARIZ.), J. Lunine, R. Malhotra (LPL, U. of Ariz.), E. Mamajek, A. Moro-Martin (Steward Obs., U. of ARIZ.), P. Morris (SIRTF Sci. Ctr.), J. Najita (NOAO), D. L. Padgett, J. Stauffer (SIRTF Sci. Ctr.), S. E. Strom (NOAO), D. Watson (U. of Rochester), S. Weidenschilling (Plan. Sci. Inst.), S. Wolf (Caltech), E. Young (Steward Obs., U. of ARIZ.)
21.16 Four Big-Telescope Planetary Astronomers of the 1920's at Mount Wilson, Yerkes, and Lick Observatories
D. E. Osterbrock (UCO/Lick Obs./UCSC)

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