AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 53. K-12 Astronomy Education and Public Outreach

Poster, Tuesday, January 7, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

53.01 Yes, High School Students Can Analyze Chandra Data
J.W. Keohane, C.R. Clearfield, C.M. Olbert (NCSSM)
53.02 Explorations in Radio Astronomy for High School Students
J. Bridger (NRAO (RET))
53.03 Instituting a Meaningful Reading & Writing Program in a High School Science Class
C. A. Garland (University of Florida), A. Schairer (East Side High School, Gainesville, FL), D. L. Ratay, C. Gomez Martin (University of Florida)
53.04U Dakota Skies, Astronomy and Linking Learning to Life through Technology
C.R. Milford, P.J. Donohue (Dakota Science Center), T.R. Young (Univeristy of North Dakota)
53.05 Measuring Authentic Digital Data in K-12 Classrooms
R. S. Kang (Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory), Bothun, Dr. G. D. Collaboration, Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory Team
53.06 Solar and Geomagnetic Investigations: High School Astronomy Unit Focusing on the Sun/Earth Connection
M. Altenhof (Marlborough High School), D. Berlin (Concord-Carlisle High School), P. Pratap, P. Erickson (MIT Haystack Observatory)
53.07 Research Experience for Teachers at NRAO-Green Bank: Calibration of Data from the Green Bank Telescope and Classroom Activities in Radio Astronomy
C.H. Johnson (Breck School), R.J. Maddalena (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
53.08 Space Science Network Northwest
J. Lutz (University of Washington)
53.09 The GTN-AAVSO Blazar Program
G. G. Spear (SSU), J. A. Mattei, A. Price (AAVSO), T. Graves, T. Borders, G. Slater, L. R. Cominsky (SSU)
53.10 ``Curious About Astronomy?": Cornell University's Ask an Astronomer Website
V. Carruba, L.M. Carter, M. Cuk, M.A. Jackson, C.E. Jordan, M. Krco, K.L. Masters, J.D. Pandian, D.M. Rothstein, A. Saintonge, B.R. Scharringhausen, K. Spekkens, C.M. Springob (Cornell), D.A. Kornreich (Humboldt State), Curious Team
53.11 Multiwavelength Milky Way: Learning on the Web
B.A. Brown, D. Leisawitz (NASA/GSFC)
53.12 Why Should People Learn Cosmology?
K. Coble (Univ. Chicago, Adler Planetarium), T. Duncan (Science Integration Institute, Portland State Univ. Center for Science Ed.)
53.13 Using Scientific Grade Detectors to Produce Astronomical Images for the Public
H. Mathis (NOAO)
53.14 National Virtual Observatory Outreach: Preliminary findings of the qualitative survey conducted with artists and science museum professionals
N. Craig, R. Spitz, I. Hawkins (University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Lab), R. Malina (University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Lab.)
53.15 Protection of Existing and Potential Astronomical Sites in Chile - an Update.
M.G. Smith (Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory), P. Sanhueza (OPCC, Chile), D. Norman, H. Schwarz (CTIO), D. Orellana (Universidad de La Serena)

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