8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 18. Gamma-ray Bursts

Poster, Thursday, September 9, 2004, 9:00am-10:00pm, La Nouvelle Orleans Room

18.01 Towards the Understanding of Spectral Variability of the Prompt GRB Emission.
M. V. Medvedev (University of Kansas)
18.02 Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Field Generation, and Emission in Relativistic Shocks
K.-I. Nishikawa (NSSTC), C. Hededal (Niels Bohr Inst., Dept of Astrophysics), P. Hardee (Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa), G. Richardson (NSSTC), R. Preece (UAH, NSSTC), H. Sol (Observatore de Paris-Meudon), G. Fishman (MSFC/NASA)
18.03 The Redshifts of GRBs and QSOs
G. Burbidge (University of California, San Diego)
18.04 The Imminent Swift GRB Mission
N. Gehrels (NASA/GSFC), Swift Team
18.05 Diagnosis of GRB magnetization with Swift
B. Zhang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
18.06 Gamma-Ray Burst Astronomy: A Pre-Swift Status Review
G. R. Ricker (MIT), HETE Science Team
18.07 Investigating The Correlation Between Lag and Luminosity With BeppoSAX and HETE-2 Energy Dependant Light Curve Data
D. Kocevski (Rice University), F. Frontera, G. Cristiano (Universit`a di Ferrara), J.L. Atteia (Observatoire Midi-PyrŽenŽees)
18.08 The Complete BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Spectral Catalog
Y. Kaneko, R.D. Preece, M.S. Briggs, W.S. Paciesas (University of Alabama in Huntsville / National Space Science and Technology Center)
18.09 Gamma-Ray Burst Spectra: Implications from Shock Acceleration Theory
M. G. Baring (Rice University)
18.10 The Interplanetary Network Supplement to the BATSE Catalogs of Untriggered Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
K. Hurley (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory), B. Stern (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, Russia), J. Kommers (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA), T. Cline, E Mazets (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), S. Golenetskii, J. Trombka (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia), T. McClanahan (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), R. Starr (Catholic University of America, Washington DC), J. Goldsten (The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD), M Feroci (IAS, Rome, Italy), F Frontera (University of Ferrara, Ferrara, and IASFC, Bologna, Italy), C Guidorzi (ARI, Liverpool, UK, and IASFC, Bologna, Italy), E. Montanari (University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy), W. Lewin, C. Kouveliotou, C. Meegan (MIT Center for Space Research, Cambridge, MA), G. Fishman (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL)
18.11 A Search for Prompt Microwave Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts Using Archival COBE and WMAP Datasets
M. Mbonye (Southern University), J. G. Stacy (Southern University and LSU), P. D. Jackson (GST, Inc.), C. Winkler (ESA-ESTEC)
18.12 A systematic study of GRB millisecond flares at MeV energies aiming to constrain Quantum Gravity
C.B. Wunderer, S.E. Boggs, W. Coburn, K. Hurley (SSL/UCB), J. Greiner (MPE), D. Smith (UCSC)
18.13 Relativistic Winds from Collapsar Jets
E.A. Gómez, P.E. Hardee (University of Alabama)
18.14 GLAST Burst Monitor Trigger Classification Algorithm
D. J. Perrin (Louisiana State University), E. D. Sidman (Bowdoin College), C. A. Meegan (NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center), M. S. Briggs, V. Connaughton (University of Alabama, Huntsville)
18.15 Recent Results and Future Prospects for the ROTSE-III Global Telescope Array
D. A. Smith, C. Akerlof, T. A. McKay, E. S. Rykoff (University of Michigan), F. Aharonian (MPIK Heidelberg), M. C. B. Ashley (UNSW), S. Barthelmy (NASA/GSFC), D. Bizyaev (UTEP), D. Casperson (LANL), N. Gehrels (NASA/GSFC), T. Guver (IU, Istanbul), E. Gogus (SU, Istanbul), D. Horns (MPIK Heidelberg), U. Kiziloglu (METU, Ankara), H. Krimm (NASA/GSFC), M. E. Ozel (COMU, Canakkale), A. Phillips (UNSW), R. Quimby (UTA), B. Schaefer (LSU), W. T. Vestrand (LANL), J. C. Wheeler (UTA), J. Wren (LANL)
18.16 The X-ray Properties of Type Ic Supernovae
D. Pooley (MIT)

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