8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 25. X-ray Binaries and White Dwarfs

Poster, Friday, September 10, 2004, 9:00am-10:00pm, La Nouvelle Orleans Room

25.01 The fuel composition in thermonuclear bursts from millisecond X-ray pulsars
D.K. Galloway (MIT), A. Cumming (UC Santa Cruz), D. Chakrabarty (MIT)
25.02 High Mass Fast Transients -- a New Class of X-ray Binary?
D. M. Smith (U. C. Santa Cruz), I. Negueruela (University of Alicante), W. A. Heindl (U. C. San Diego), C. B. Markwardt, J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC)
25.03 Chandra High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Burst Spectrum of EXO 0748-67
G. Telis, F. Paerels, M. Audard, T. Lanz (Columbia University), J. Cottam (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), M. Mendez (SRON), L. Bildsten, P. Chang (University of California, Santa Barbara), H. Marshall (MIT)
25.04 New BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera results on superbursts
J.J.M. in 't Zand (SRON National Institute for Space Research), R. Cornelisse (University of Southampton), E. Kuulkers (ESA-ESTEC), J. Heise (SRON National Institute for Space Research), F. Verbunt (University of Utrecht), A. Cumming (University of California at Santa Cruz)
25.05 Exploring SMC X-1 out of eclipse with Chandra and XMM
R. C. Hickox, S. D. Vrtilek (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
25.06 Variability of the Galactic X-ray binary luminosity function
H.-J. Grimm, A. Zezas, G. Fabbiano (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
25.07 Effect of Coriolis force on accretion flows in LMXB systems.
B. Mukhopadhyay (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
25.08 Quantile analysis on faint X-ray sources of ChaMPlane survey
J. Hong, J. Grindlay, E. Schlegel, S. Laycock, M. van den Berg, P. Zhao, X. Koenig (CfA), H. Cohn, P. Lugger, A. Rogel (IU)
25.09 Hot Spots and Variability of Neutron Stars: Results of 3D Simulations
M.M. Romanova, A. Kulkarni (Dept. of Astronomy, Cornell University), R.V.E. Lovelace (Dept.of Astronomy, Cornell University), G.V. Ustyugova (Keldysh Inst. of Appl. Math., Moscow, Russia), A.V. Koldoba (Institute of Math. Modelling, Moscow, Russia)
25.10 An Overview of ChaMPlane Accretion Sources in the Disk, Bulge and Cusp
J. Grindlay, J. Hong, X. Koenig, S. Laycock, E. Schlegel, M. van den Berg, P. Zhao (CfA), H. Cohn (IU.), P. Lugger, A. Rogel (IU)
25.11 Why is it Difficult to Find Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars?
M. I. Krauss, D. Chakrabarty (MIT)
25.12 Neutron Star Mass-Radius Determination in XTE J1814-338.
N. Shaposhnikov (USRA/GSFC/NASA), L. Titarchuk (NRL/GSFC/NASA), J. Swank (USRA/GSFC/NASA)
25.13 Searching for chirp oscillations in thermonuclear X-ray bursts
J.M. Hartman, D. Chakrabarty, D.K. Galloway (MIT CSR)
25.14 Heavy Element Sedimentation and X-ray Bursts
F. Peng (University of Chicago), E.F. Brown (Michigan State University), J.W. Truran (University of Chicago)
25.15 Deep Searches for Coherent Pulsations from Low Mass X-ray Binaries
P. Ray (NRL), R. Dib, S. Ransom, V. Kaspi (McGill)
25.16 RXTE Observations of Periodic Outbursts from X-ray Pulsars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
R.H.D. Corbet (NASA GSFC/USRA), C.B. Markwardt (NASA GSFC/U. Maryland), F.E. Marshall (NASA GSFC), S. Laycock (CfA), M.J. Coe, W.R.T. Edge (Southampton)
25.17 Long-Term Evolution of Z-track in Cyg X-2
P.T. Boyd (JCA/UMBC & LHEA/GSFC), A.P. Smale (NASA Headquarters), M.J. Tripicco (SSAI & LHEA/GSFC)
25.18 Spectral Formation in X-Ray Pulsar Accretion Columns
M.T. Wolff (Naval Research Laboratory), P.A. Becker (George Mason University)
25.19 X-Ray Eclipse Monitoring in EXO0748-676
M.T. Wolff, P.S. Ray, K.S. Wood (Naval Research Laboratory)
25.20 Thermonuclear bursts observed by RXTE: the MIT catalogue
D.K. Galloway (MIT), M.P. Muno (UCLA), D. Chakrabarty (MIT), D. Psaltis (U. Arizona), J.M. Hartman (MIT)
25.21 Peculiar Behaviors of Faint Galactic Bulge Transients
J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC), C. B. Markwardt (UMD and NASA/GSFC), T. E. Strohmayer (NASA/GSFC)
25.22 An Enhanced Galactic Center RXTE PCA Monitoring Program
C. B. Markwardt (U. Maryland & NASA/GSFC), J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC)
25.23 Short-term Changes in the R Aqr X-ray and Radio Jets
E. M. Kellogg, J. Nichols (Harvard/Smithsonian CfA), J. Pedelty (NASA's GSFC), J. Sokoloski (Harvard/Smithsonian CfA)
25.24 Deposing the Corona of KPD~0005+5106
J. J. Drake (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), K. Werner (Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Universität Tübingen)
25.25 Deep Infrared Survey of the Deep Chandra Field on SgrA*
S. Laycock, J. Grindlay, J. Hong, X. Koenig, E. Schlegel, M. van den Berg, P. Zhao (CfA), E. Persson (Carnegie Obs.)
25.26 The Hottest White Dwarfs
M. Orio (INAF-Torino and Univ. Wisconsin), T. Rauch (Dr.-Remeis-Sternwarte and Univ. Tuebingen)
25.27 Accretion in ultra-compact white dwarf binaries
D. Steeghs (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), G. Ramsay (MSSL), G. Nelemans (Institute of Astronomy), T. Marsh (University of Warwick), P. Groot (Nijmegen University)
25.28 Phase Coherent Timing of the Ultra-compact candidates V407 Vul and RX J0806.3+1527
T. E. Strohmayer (NASA/GSFC)
25.29 Deep HST observations of two low-extinction windows near the Galactic Center
M. van den Berg, J. Grindlay, J. Hong, X. Koenig, S. Laycock, E. Schlegel, P. Zhao, P. Edmonds, C. Heinke, J. Drake, K. Stanek (CfA), H. Cohn, P. Lugger (Indiana University), M. Rich (UCLA)
25.30 Chandra Observations of Quiescent Black Hole and Neutron Star X-Ray Transients
J.A. Tomsick, D.M. Gelino (CASS/UCSD), P. Kaaret (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)

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