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Session 50 Cool Astronomy
Special Session, Monday, 2:30-4:00pm, January 9, 2006, Virginia

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[50.02] Thieving Trendy Tech for EPO: Making the Mainstream work for Science

P.L. Gay (Harvard University Science Center)

At least once a week the words podcast, blog, and wiki creep into the news, high-lighting where some pundit is preaching politics in podcasts and where some group of restless foreign rebels is sharing stories of strife via blogs. Wikis are where techy words are written out for the tech unsavvy and where the common man finds his encyclopedia listing for the MGM Lion. Taken together, these three new technological trends are taking over how we get our news and how our world is defined. In this talk, public outreach and educational examples of podcasting, blogging, and wikis will be presented and available free software will be reviewed. Learn how you to can get your words read by the populous at no cost to you, and how to get your voice heard by tens of thousands for with US$100 of equipment and the cost of one high speed internet connection. Also learn how to find up-to-date documentation on these subjects and much much more using wikis.

As a specific example, we will be demonstrating how the MIT Educational Studies Program uses a wiki to document how their programs are run, how they allow their students to journal and share their program experiences through Podcasting, and how they plan to promote their programs and science outreach through blogging.

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