AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 26 LSST
Poster, Monday, 9:20am-7:00pm, January 9, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[26.18] The Mechanical Design of the LSST Camera

M. Nordby (SLAC), L. Hale (LLNL), LSST Camera Team

The LSST Camera requires: three large (1.6 m, 1.1 m and 0.73 m) refractive optics; five 0.78 m auto-changing color filters; a mechanical shutter with 0.76 m aperture; a tiled sensor array at focus spanning 0.64 m with 3.2\times 109 pixels and their associated electronics with many thousands of interconnections. The optical elements require precise alignment and in some cases actuation such as focus adjustment. For example, the focal plane array, which operates at 180\circ K, must be flat to 10 \mum P-V for any orientation of the telescope. Work has been underway to allocate space and package these items, devise workable concepts for the mechanisms, and design structural elements (e.g., optic mounts and housings) that can be manufactured precisely and adjusted as necessary to meet alignment and stability requirements. This poster presents work to date relating to the optical and mechanical design of the LSST camera.

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