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Session 4 Solar System
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[4.22] Deep Impact Observations from San Pedro Martir

B. A. Zauderer, K. J. Walsh (University of Maryland, College Park, MD), R. Vázquez (UNAM, Ensenada, México), H. Reitsema (Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO)

We present results of the Deep Impact event as observed from the San Pedro Martir observatory. The observations at SPM used multiple telescopes, including high-speed photometry at the 1.5 m telescope in optical wavelengths and spectroscopy between 400 and 600 nm on the 2 m telescope. The photometry was done in the BVRI filters, with an emphasis on R during the night of impact. Time resolution during impact and the immediate hour afterwards was ~ 15 seconds. We recorded a significantly brightened lightcurve following impact.

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