AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 4. Solar System

Poster, Monday, January 9, 2006, 9:20am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

4.01 HST Observations of the Moon
A.D. Storrs, C.J. Garner, C.M. McIntosh (Towson Univ.), R.R. Landis (NASA Johnson SFC), A.B. Schultz (NASA Goddard SFC)
4.02 Analyzing and Modeling the Magnetic Field of Mars
L.C. Quick (North Carolina State University), M.H. Acuna, J.E.P. Connerney (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
4.03 Ages of three martian surfaces using crater count isochrons and Mars Global Surveyor images.
D. Themistokleous, M.N. Hayes-Gehrke (University of Maryland)
4.04 Short-Term Periodicity in Jupiter's Equatorial Atmosphere
A. A. Simon-Miller (NASA's GSFC), B. W. Poston (UMD), G. S. Orton (JPL)
4.05 Mid-Infrared Ethane Emission on Neptune and Uranus
H. B. Hammel, M. L. Sitko (Space Science Institute), D. K. Lynch, R. W. Russell (The Aerospace Corporation), T. Hewagama (University of Maryland), L. S. Bernstein (Spectral Sciences, Inc.)
4.06 Early Observations in the Taiwanese-American Occultation Survey
C. Alcock (CfA), F. Bianco (University of Pennsylvania), M. Lehner (CfA), R. Dave, J. Giammarco, M. Schwamb (University of Pennsylvania), K. Cook (LLNL), S. Marshall (SLAC), I. de Pater, R. Porrata, J. Rice (UC Berkeley), J. Lissauer (NASA Ames), T. Lee, S.K. King, A. Wang, S.Y. Wang, C.Y. Wen (Academia Sinica IAA), W.P. Chen, W. Ip, Y.H. Chang, D. Kinoshita, H.C. Lin, S. Mondal, Z.W. Zhang (National Central University), T. Axelrod (University of Arizona), Y.I. Byun (Yonsei University)
4.07 Search for the Tenth Planet: Testing Inferences from the ``Kuiper Cliff"
E. A. Roe, J. A. Larsen (United States Naval Academy), Spacewatch Team
4.08 Hydrodynamic Simulations Exploring the Parameters of Injecting Supernova Material into a Molecular Cloud
K. W. Davis, M. D. Leising (Clemson University)
4.09 The Size Distribution of Small Near-Earth Asteroids from the Spacewatch Survey
J. A. Larsen (United States Naval Academy), Spacewatch Team
4.10 Asteroids in the EXPLORE II Dataset
S. Schmoll (University of Washington), G. Mallen-Ornelas, M. Holman (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
4.11 Age of the Karin Cluster of Asteroids
A F Cheng (Johns Hopkins Univ APL), Z Knezevic (Astron Obs Belgrade), A Cellino, A Dell'Oro (INAF Astron Obs Torino)
4.12 Physical Properties of the Vesta family asteroid 2511 Patterson
R.A. Juarez (New Mexico Tech), C.T. Martinez (University of New Mexico), W.H. Ryan, E.V. Ryan (MRO/NMT)
4.13 Small Main-Belt Asteroid Lightcurves
K. J. Walsh, D.C. Richardson (University of Maryland)
4.14 Radar-Interferometric Asteroid Imaging Using a Flexible Software Correlator
G. Black (U. Virginia), D. B. Campbell (Cornell), R. Treacy (NRAO), M. C. Nolan (Arecibo/NAIC)
4.15 Extreme Diversity of Near-Earth Asteroid Physical Properties from Arecibo Radar Imaging
M. C. Nolan, A. A. Hine, E. S. Howell (Arecibo Observatory / NAIC), L. A. M. Benner, J. D. Giorgini, S. J. Ostro (JPL / Caltech), G. J. Black (U. Virginia), D. B. Campbell, J. L. Margot (Cornell), L. M. Carter (Smithsonian), C. Magri (U. Maine)
4.16 Using AOAs to Document Aqueous Alteration in the CO3 Parent Asteroid
C. Bendersky (IFA, Mount Holyoke College), L. Chizmadia (IfA)
4.17 Comet Astromineralogy with Spitzer: Initial Results
M.S. Kelley, C.E. Woodward (U. Minnesota), D.E. Harker (UCSD), W.T. Reach (SSC/Caltech), R.D. Gehrz (U. Minnesota), Spitzer GO Comet Team
4.18 Gas and Dust Morphological Results from Narrowband Imaging of Deep Impact's Target Comet 9P/Tempel 1
K. Barnes (Franklin and Marshall College), N. Baugh (LPL, University of Arizona), D. Schleicher (Lowell Observatory), L. Woodney (CSU San Bernardino)
4.19 Near-IR Observations of the Deep Impact Encounter with Comet 9P/Tempel 1
M.M. Knight, R.A. Swaters, M.F. A'Hearn (University of Maryland), N.H. Samarasinha (NOAO & PSI)
4.20 Analysis of NOFS observations of Deep Impact Encounter with Tempel 1
A.K.B. Monet, D.G. Monet, H.C. Harris, S.E. Levine, F.H. Harris (US Naval Observatory Flagstaff), B. Canzian (Brashear)
4.21 A Refined Time of Impact from the Deep Impact Impactor Approach Images
D. D. Wellnitz (U of Maryland), S. Collins (JPL), M. F. A'Hearn (U of Maryland), Deep Impact Team
4.22 Deep Impact Observations from San Pedro Martir
B. A. Zauderer, K. J. Walsh (University of Maryland, College Park, MD), R. Vázquez (UNAM, Ensenada, México), H. Reitsema (Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO)

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