AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 17. TeraScale Supernova Initiative

Poster, Monday, January 9, 2006, 9:20am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

17.01 Discovering New Core Collapse Supernova Physics through 3D Simulations
A. Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Labs), J. M. Blondin (North Carolina State University)
17.02 The Sound of Core Collapse Supernovae: The Spherical Accretion Shock Instability (SASI)
J. M. Blondin (North Carolina State University), A. Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Labs)
17.03 Linear Growth of Non-Axisymmetric SASI-Induced Modes in Core Collapse Supernovae
S. Shaw, J. M. Blondin (North Carolina State University)
17.04 Dynamical Feedback of the Core on the Spherical Accretion Shock Instability
I.K. Heyward, J.M. Blondin (NC State University), A. Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Lab), TeraScale Supernova Initiative Collaboration
17.05 Toward 2D and 3D Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae with Rotation and Magnetic Fields
J. C. Hayes (UCSD), S. W. Bruenn (FAU), A. Mezzacappa (ORNL)
17.06 A Radiation-Hydrodynamics Code for Simulating Core Collapse Supernovae in Multi-Dimensions: First Results for a 15 Solar Mass Progenitor
S. W. Bruenn (Florida Atlantic University)
17.07 Self-Consistent 3D Equations of State at Finite Temperatures for Supernovae and Neutron Stars.
J.R. Stone (Oxford/ORNL), W.G. Newton (Oxford), A. Mezzacappa (ORNL/UTK)
17.08 The Impact of the Nuclear Equation of State in Core Collapse Supernovae
M.L. Baird, E.J. Lentz (U. Tenn./ORNL), W.R. Hix, A. Mezzacappa (ORNL/U. Tenn.), O.E.B. Messer (ORNL), M. Liebendoerfer (U. Basel), TeraScale Supernova Initiative Collaboration
17.09 The Effects of the Equation of State of Hot, Dense Matter on the Dynamics of Core Collapse Supernova Models.
C. M. Tartamella, F. D. Swesty, J. M. Lattimer (SUNY Stony Brook)
17.10 Neutrino-electron Scattering in 2-D Models of Supernova Convection
K. R. DeNisco, F. D. Swesty, E. S. Myra (SUNY Stony Brook)
17.11 Proto-neutron Star Convection in the Post-bounce Epoch of Stellar Core Collapse
F. D. Swesty, E. S. Myra (SUNY Stony Brook)
17.12 Toward Five-dimensional Core-collapse Supernova Simulations
C. Cardall, A. Razoumov, E. Endeve, E. Lentz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee, Knoxville), A. Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
17.13 Development of Convection in Post-shock Regions of Core Collapse Supernovae
E. S. Myra, F. D. Swesty (State Univ. of New York)
17.14 Exploring the role of Nuclear Electron Capture in Core Collapse Supernovae
W. R. Hix (ORNL/UTK), O. E. B. Messer (ORNL), A. Mezzacappa (ORNL/UTK), M. Liebendoerfer (Basel), TeraScale Supernova Initiative Collaboration
17.15 The QSE-reduced Nuclear Network for Silicon Burning
S. Parete-Koon (University of Tennessee), W. R. Hix (Oak Ridge National Lab., U. Tennessee), C. Freiburghaus, F.-K. Thielemann (University of Basel)
17.16 Radiation Transport with non-isotropic Scattering by Acclerated Lambda Iteration
E. J. Lentz (U. Tenn/ORNL), A. Mezzacappa (ORNL/U. Tenn)
17.17 Vertical structure of GRB accretion disks with neutrino trapping.
A.O. Razoumov, C.Y. Cardall, A. Mezzacappa (ORNL)

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