AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 12. Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs

Display, Monday, June 4, 2001, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

12.01 An Empirical Compton Up-Scattering Model for Soft Lags in Kilohertz QPO
H. C. Lee, R. Misra, R. E. Taam (Northwestern University)
12.02 High Resolution X-ray Spectrum of the Stellar Wind in Vela X-1
M. Sako, S. M. Kahn, F. Paerels (Columbia University), D. A. Liedahl, P. S. Wodjowski (LLNL), F. Nagase (ISAS), B. Paul (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), K. Makishima (University of Tokyo), N. Schulz (MIT)
12.03 X-Ray Timing of the Pulsar 1E\,1145.1-6141
P. S. Ray (NRL), D. Chakrabarty (MIT)
12.04 XMM-Newton Spectroscopy of Circinus X-1
R. E. Shirey (University of California, Santa Barbara)
12.05 A Complex Super-Eddington Burst with Radius Expansion from X2127+119 in M15
12.06 The Shape of the Accretion Disk in Her X-1: Results from Modelling X-ray and EUV Emission
D.A. Leahy (University of Calgary)
12.07 Faint white dwarfs in the open cluster M67
K.A. Williams, M. Bolte (UCO/Lick Observatory), C.F. Claver (NOAO), M.A. Wood (Florida Inst. of Technology)
12.08 The Mystery Companion of Mira Uncovered
J.J. Bochanski, E.M. Sion (Villanova University)

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