AAS 198th Meeting, June 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 54. Galaxy Evolution and Surveys

Display, Wednesday, June 6, 2001, 10:00am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall

54.01 Low Mass Halos - Reionization to the Present
M. R. Santos, M. Kamionkowski (Caltech)
54.02 Unraveling the Hybrid Stellar Velocity Fields in the Central Kpc of the Ringed-Barred Spiral Galaxies NGC 3351 and NGC 4736
E. J. Murphy (Tufts Univeristy), W. H. Waller (Tufts University), J. D. P. Kenney (Yale University)
54.03 Ultraviolet and X-ray imaging of Coma Cluster galaxies with XMM
T. P. Sasseen (UC Santa Barbara), J.P.D. Mittaz (Mullard Space Science Laboratory), Optical Monitor Team
54.04 Populations of low-redshift dusty galaxies
A. W. Blain (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge), V. E. Barnard (Department of Physics, University of Cambridge)
54.05 Extracting Galaxy Photometric Redshifts from Simulated SIRTF Observations
J. Moustakas, M.J. Rieke (University of Arizona)
54.06 Models for Galaxy Evolution Seen by Multiband IR Surveys
C. Xu, C.J. Lonsdale, D.L. Shupe, J. O'Linger, F. Masci (Caltech)
54.07 HST Imaging of an Old Galaxy Group at z=1.55
A. Bunker (UC, Berkeley & Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, U.K.), H. Spinrad (UC, Berkeley), R. McLure (Dept. of Astrophysics, Oxford, U.K.), A. Dey (KPNO), J. Dunlop, J. Peacock (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh, U.K.), D. Stern (JPL), R. Thompson (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), I. Waddington (Arizona State U. & Bristol U., U.K.), R. Windhorst (Arizona State U.)
54.08 Surface Brightness and Color Profiles of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
P. Moth, R.J. Elston (University of Florida)
54.09 The Large Area Lyman Alpha Survey
J. E. Rhoads (STScI), S. Malhotra (JHU), A. Dey (NOAO), D. Stern (JPL), H. Spinrad (Berkeley), B. Jannuzi (NOAO)
54.10 A Survey of Lyman Break Galaxies Associated with Damped Lyman Alpha Systems at z~3.
J. Cooke, A.M. Wolfe, E. Gawiser (Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA), J. X. Prochaska (The Observatories of the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Pasadena, CA), J. Darling (Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
54.11 Magnetic Field Generation in Galactic Plasmas
M. Opher, S. Cowley, A. Schekochihin, R.M. Kinney, B. Chandran, J. Maron, J.C. McWilliams (UCLA)
54.12 Chandra Multiwavelength Plane (ChaMPlane) Survey: Photometry, Spectroscopy and X-ray Results for the Field Containing GRO J0422+32
P. Zhao, J.E. Grindlay, P. Edmonds, M.R. Garcia, J.E. McClintock (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), H. Cohn, P. Lugger, S. Slavin (Indiana U.)
54.13 Source Characteristics in the Chandra Deep Field-North
G. P. Garmire, W. N. Brandt, A. E. Hornschemeier, A. B. Garmire (Penn State), P. S. Broos (Penn state)
54.14 The X-ray Properties of KISS Galaxies: Correlation with the ROSAT All-Sky Survey Database
S. Stevenson, J.J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.), V.L. Sarajedini (U. Florida)
54.15 Elemental Abundances in KISS Galaxies
J. L. Melbourne, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.)
54.16 FIRST-KISS: A Study of the Radio Properties of KISS ELGs
J. Van Duyne, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.)
54.17 H-alpha Observations of HI Selected Galaxies
H. C. Ferguson (STScI), G. R. Meurer (JHU), P. Knezek (STScI), C. Smith (NOAO), M. Meyer, R. Webster (Melbourne), S. Oey (Lowell), B. Koribalski (ATNF), M. Drinkwater (Melbourne), K. Freeman (MSSO), V. Kilborn (Jodrell Bank), M. Putman (U. Colorado), L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF), R. Kennicutt (Steward), D. Hanish (JHU)

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