AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 112. The ISM: Clouds and Regions

Poster, Thursday, January 9, 2003, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall AB

112.01 Morphologies and Physical Parameters of a Large Sample UCHII Regions
C. G. De Pree, L. E. Davis, A. Mercer (Agnes Scott College), D. Wilner (Center for Astrophysics)
112.02 An ATCA Survey of UCHII regions in the Magellanic Clouds
R. Indebetouw (U. Wisconsin), K. Johnson (NRAO), E. Churchwell (U. Wisconsin), P. Conti (U. Colorado)
112.03 ATCA Observations of Water Masers in the Magellanic Clouds
A.J. Beasley (California Institute of Technology), L. Staveley-Smith (Australia Telescope National Facility), K.B. Marvel (American Astronomical Society), M.J. Claussen (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), D. Boboltz (United States Naval Observatory)
112.04 A Wander through the FOG : Molecular Clouds in the Outer Galactic Disk
C.M. Brunt, C.R. Kerton (National Research Council), M.H. Heyer (FCRAO)
112.05 Interferometric Observations of Molecular Clouds in the Host Galaxy of the QSO I Zw 1
J.G. Staguhn (University of Maryland, College Park; NASA/GSFC), A. Eckart (University of Cologne, Germany), E. Schinnerer (Caltech; NRAO, Socorro), P.J. Teuben (University of Maryland, College Park)
112.06 Variation of z-height of the molecular clouds on the Galactic Plane
Y. Lee (KAO/TRAO), A.A. Stark (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
112.07 Detection of Molecular Gas in the Interarm Regions of M83
M. Yang, S.D. Lord, A.C.A. Boogert, J.R Brauher, T.G. Phillips (Caltech), R.P.J. Tilanus (Joint Astronomy Center)
112.08 Magnetized Filamentary Molecular Clouds: A Multi-Objective Modeling Approach
J. F. Fiege (National Research Council of Canada)
112.09 PSR B1849+00 probes the tiny-scale molecular gas ?
S. Stanimirovic (UC Berkeley), J. M. Dickey (University of Minnesota), J. M. Weisberg, A. de la Fuente, K. Devine, A. Hedden (Carleton College)
112.10 Nonlinear Thin Shell Instabilities in Molecular Clouds
R. M. Hueckstaedt (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
112.11 A Neutral Hydrogen Self-Absorption Cloud in the SGPS
D. W. Kavars, J. M. Dickey (University of Minnesota), N. M. McClure-Griffiths (Australia Telescope National Facility), B. M. Gaensler (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), A. J. Green (University of Sydney)
112.12 The Local Interstellar Cloud: Abundances, Physical Properties, and Gas-to-Dust Mass Ratio
P. C. Frisch (University of Chicago), J. D. Slavin (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
112.13 Depletion of CO in MSX Infrared-Dark Clouds
P.A. Feldman, R.O. Redman (HIA/NRCC), S.J. Carey (IPAC/Caltech), F. Wyrowski (MPIfR, Bonn)
112.14 Molecular Depletion in MSX Infrared-Dark Clouds
S. J. Carey (SSC/Caltech), S.B. Charnley (NASA/Ames Research Center), M.P. Egan (Air Force Research Laboratory), P.A. Feldman, R.O. Redman (HIA/NRC-Canada)
112.15 Radiative Transfer Models of Infrared Dark Clouds
M.P. Egan (AFRL/XPS), S.J. Carey (IPAC/SSC)
112.16 On the Search for Translucent Clouds.
P. Sonnentrucker (JHU), S.D. Friedman (STScI), D.E. Welty, D.G. York (U. Chicago), T.P. Snow (U. Colorado)
112.17 Simulations of HII Regions in M51--Constraints on Stimulated vs. Unstimulated Cluster Formation
S. A. Corder, N. Z. Scoville (California Institute of Technology, Department of Astronomy)
112.18 H2ools - Molecular Hydrogen Optical Depth Templates
S. R. McCandliss (JHU)
112.19 The Structure of GRSMC045.46+0.05
A. Johnson, J.M. Jackson, R.Y. Shah, R. Simon (Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University), A. Bolatto (University of California, Berkeley), J. Di Francesco (Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council)
112.20U H I Self-Absorption Toward Molecular Clouds: Theoretical Models
E. Flynn, J.M. Jackson, R. Simon, R.Y. Shah, T.M. Bania (Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University), M. Wolfire (University of Maryland)
112.21 MSX Infrared Dark Clouds in the BU-FCRAO Galactic Ring Survey: A Galactic Ring Population
R. Simon, J.M. Jackson, T.M. Bania, D.P. Clemens (IAR, Boston University), M.H. Heyer (FCRAO, UMass Amherst)
112.22 The BU-FCRAO Milky Way Galactic Ring Survey
R.Y. Shah, R. Simon, E. Flynn, J.M. Jackson, T.M. Bania, D.P. Clemens (Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University), M.H. Heyer (Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Massachusetts, Amherst), A. Johnson, M. Kolpak, K. McQuinn, O. Fox, I. Kubiszewski, D. Nero, K. Rogers, T. Veach (Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University)
112.23 VLBA and VLA Observations of HI Absorption toward SS433
A. B. Peck (CfA -- SAO/SMA Project), M. P. Rupen, A. J. Mioduszewski (NRAO)
112.24U Physical parameters and possible masing in Galactic ultracompact HII regions
C. Kasm ( U. of Florida and the Maria Mitchell Obs.)
112.25 Sub-A.U. Structure In Galactic HI
A. H. Minter, D. S. Balser (NRAO), J. S. Kartaltepe (Colgate)
112.26 Low Excitation H II Regions in the Inner Galaxy
J.P. Simpson, S.W.J. Colgan, R.H. Rubin, E.F. Erickson, M.R. Haas (NASA/Ames)
112.27 The HI Environment of MBM40
L. Magnani, M. McCarthy (U. Georgia), R. Sandin-Alvarez (U. Puerto Rico), R. Chastain (U. Georgia)

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