AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Dissertation Presentations

23.02D Measuring H0 through observations of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect in Nearby Clusters with the Cosmic Background Imager
P.S. Udomprasert, B.S. Mason, A.C.S. Readhead (Caltech)
23.06D The Enigmatic Local Hubble Flow: Probing the Nearby Peculiar Velocity Field with Consistent Distances to Neighboring Galaxies.
B. Mendez, M. Davis, J. Newman (UC Berkeley), B.F. Madore, W.L. Freedman (Carnegie Institute of Washington), J. Moustakas (Steward Observatory, U of Arizona)
24.02D The Search for Planets in the Hyades
D. B. Paulson (Astronomy Department, University of Texas)
24.06D Planet Embryos in Vortex Wombs
J. A. Barranco, P. S. Marcus (University of California, Berkeley)
25.02D Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Disks
A. Roberge, P. D. Feldman (JHU), A. Lecavelier des Etangs, A. Vidal-Madjar (IAP), M. Deleuil, J.-C. Bouret (LAS de Marseille, CNRS)
25.04D Dust and Gas Around Young Stars
C. H. Chen (UCLA)
25.05D Locating Mass Loss: Numerical Modeling of Circumstellar Material in Binary Systems
Jennifer L. Hoffman (Rice University)
26.03D On the Origin of the Interstellar Medium in Elliptical Galaxies
A. E. Athey, J. N. Bregman (University of Michigan)
26.05D The Enigmatic Local Group Galaxy IC~10
D. B. Zucker (U. Washington / MPI Astronomy)
27.02D Hot Molecular Gas in the Central 10 Parsecs of the Galaxy
R. M. Herrnstein, P. T. P. Ho (Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA)
27.04D Near-Infrared Observations of Massive Stars in the Milky Way
N. L. Homeier (ESO-Garching & U Wisconsin, Madison)
31.04D Resolving the Enigmatic Northern Arm Sources in the Central Parsec
A. Tanner (UCLA)
32.05D Detailed Astrophysical Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies
A. E. Shapley, C. C. Steidel (California Institute of Technology), K. L. Adelberger (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), M. Pettini (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
33.03D Observations of white dwarfs in open clusters: the initial-final mass relation and the "white dwarf deficit"
K.A. Williams (UC, Santa Cruz), M. Bolte (UCO/Lick Obs.)
34.03D Interstellar OH Masers: The Environment Around UC\ion{H}{2} Regions and the Galactic Magnetic Field
V.L. Fish (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
34.05D A Multi-wavelength Study of Star Formation Around HII Regions
J.L. Karr (SIRTF Science Center)
57.03D Optical Spectroscopy of the Black-Hole Candidate GX 339-4
M.M. Buxton (RSAA, ANU/Yale), S. Vennes (SMS, ANU)
57.05D Temporal Studies of Black Hole X-ray Transients During Outburst Decay
E. Kalemci (CASS/UCSD)
58.02D CAIRNS: The Cluster And Infall Region Nearby Survey
K. Rines (CfA), M.J. Geller (SAO)
59.03D A BIMA Survey of Arcminute Scale CMB Anisotropy
K.S. Dawson, W.L. Holzapfel (UC Berkeley Physics Dept), J.E. Carlstrom (Dept Astronomy and Astrophysics, Center for Cosmological Physics, Dept of Physics , Enrico Fermi Institute, U Chicago), M. Joy (Space Science Laboratory, MSFC), S.J. LaRoque (Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, U Chicago)
60.02D Luminosity and Mass Functions of Very Young Stellar Clusters
A. A. Muench, E. A. Lada, C. J. Lada (U.Florida)
60.03D Infrared Spectroscopy of Massive Stellar Clusters in Starbursts
A. M. Gilbert (UC Berkeley)
60.04D The Age of the Young Star Forming Region SVS~13
Z. T. Webster (CSU San Bernardino, UC Berkeley)
66.04D Radiative Feedback and the Formation of Massive Stars
R.G. Edgar (IoA, Cambridge)
66.06D Probing the Evolutionary State of Pre-Main Sequence Stars using High Resolution Near-IR Spectroscopy and Detailed Fits to Spectral Synthesis Models
G.W. Doppmann (NASA Ames Research Center)
67.02D Observing the High Redshift Galaxy/IGM Interface
R.A. Simcoe, W.L.W. Sargent (Caltech), M. Rauch (OCIW)
67.06D The Effects of Mergers on Thermal and Non-thermal Emission from Clusters of Galaxies as Studied Using Merger Trees
S. W. Randall, C. L. Sarazin (University of Virginia), P. M. Ricker (University of Illinois)
68.03D Modeling the Eccentric Nuclear Disk in M31 to Obtain the Mass of the Central Black Hole
R. M. Salow (Ohio Univ.)
68.05D DensePak H\alpha Velocity Fields of Face-On Disk Galaxies
D.R. Andersen (MPIA-Heidelberg), M.A. Bershady (UW-Madison)
69.07D Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows: Testing the Underlying Assumptions
S. A. Yost (Caltech)
71.02D The Evolution of Accreting Neutron Stars
G.J. Francischelli (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
96.02D Formaldehyde in IRC+10216: Chemistry of an Extrasolar Cometary System
K. E. S. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
98.02D STACEE Observations of Markarian 421 During the 2001 Flare
L.M. Boone (Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics), STACEE Collaboration
98.05D A view through Faraday's Fog: Parsec scale Rotation Measures in AGN
R.T. Zavala (New Mexico State University & NRAO), G.B. Taylor (NRAO)
99.06D Electron-Ion Equilibration at Supernova Remnant Shock Fronts
C.E. Rakowski (Rutgers Univ.)
100.02D Luminosity Function of SDSS Luminous Red Galaxy (LRG) and the dominance of Brightest Cluster Galaxy
Y. S. Loh, M. A. Strauss (Princeton University), D. J. Eisenstien (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), M. R. Blanton (NYU)
100.04D A sub-millimetre survey of dust enshrouded galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field North region
C.J. Borys (California Institute of Technology)
101.02D Data Analysis and Cosmology with the Cosmic Background Imager
J. L. Sievers (Caltech), CBI Collaboration
101.04D Searching for Stongly-Lensed Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
B. Pindor (Princeton University)
105.02D A Wide-Field Survey of the Globular Cluster Systems of Distant Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies
K.L. Rhode (Yale University)
105.03D The Century Survey Galactic Halo Project
W. R. Brown (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), M. J. Geller, S. Kenyon, M. Kurtz (SAO), T. Beers (MSU), C. Allende Prieto (UT), R. Wilhelm (TTU)
107.02D Double-Peaked Optical Emission Lines and the Geometry of Accretion in Active Galactic Nuclei
Iskra Strateva (Princeton University)
107.05D Probing the innermost regions of luminous and ultra-luminous infrared galaxies: Sensitive VLBI continuum and HI absorption ob servations of the ULIRG IRAS17208-0014 and the LIRG NGC7674.
E. Momjian (U. of Kentucky/NRAO)
108.03D Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Collapsed Core Globular Clusters
S. Slavin (Purdue University Calumet; Indiana University)
108.04D Chemical Inhomogeneities in the Old Stellar Populations of the Local Group
D.-R. Harbeck (MPIA)
108.05D The High-Redshift Formation of Metal-Poor Globular Cluster Systems
M. R. Santos (Caltech)
109.02D Event Rate Prediction for the Supermacho Project
A. Rest (University of Washington)
109.04D Evidence for Halo Microlensing in M31
R. Uglesich, A.P.S. Crotts, E. Baltz (Columbia University), J. deJong (Kapteyn Institute), A. Tomaney (University of Washington), R. Boyle, C. Corbally ( Vatican Observatory), A. Gould (Ohio State University)
109.06D Gravitational microlensing as a diagnostic tool for stellar astrophysics
H. M. Bryce (University of Wisconsin -- Madison)
125.04D Active Galactic Nuclei Populations and Luminosity Functions from Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Lei Hao, M. Strauss (Princeton University), SDSS Collaboration
125.06D Study of UV-Optical Properties of A Complete Sample of QSOs
Z Shang, B. J. Wills, E. L. Robinson (University of Texas at Austin)
127.02D The Elemental Abundance Homogeneity of the Interstellar Medium
S. I. B. Cartledge (LSU)
127.03D FUV & Optical Kinematics of the Magellanic ISM: A Detailed Study of SMC N66 and SNR\,0057-7226
Charles W. Danforth (JHU)
127.05D HI around Milky Way-type Galaxies
E.D. Miller, J.N. Bregman (U. Michigan)
128.07D Large-Scale Structure of the Local HI Universe
M. J. Meyer, M. Zwaan, R. Webster (U. Melbourne, Australia), HIPASS Team
130.04D Io's Aurora: HST/STIS Observations
K. D. Retherford (SwRI, JHU)
136.04D The Young, Low-Mass Population of Orion's Belt
W. H. Sherry (SUNY Stony Brook)
136.05D Low Mass Star Formation in the Gum Nebula: I. CG30/31/38
J. Serena Kim (SUNY Stony Brook / Steward Observatory), F. M. Walter (SUNY Stony Brook), S. J. Wolk (CfA)
138.02D Structures surrounding Seyfert central engines: too many or not enough?
J.M. Gelbord (MIT and JHU), K.A. Weaver (GSFC and JHU), T. Yaqoob (JHU and GSFC)
140.03D The Arcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array Receiver (ACBAR)
M.C. Runyan, R.S. Bhatia, A.E. Lange (Caltech), M.D. Daub, W.L. Holzapfel, C.L. Kuo, M. Leuker, M. Newcomb, D. Woolsey (U.C. Berkeley), J. Goldstein (Cas e-Western, UCSB), J. Leong, J. Ruhl (Case-Western), E. Torbet (UCSB), C. Cantalupo, P. Gomez, J.B. Peterson, A.K. Romer (Carnegie-Mellon), P.A.R Ade, C.V. Hayne s, C. Tucker (Cardiff), J.J. Bock, S. Sethuraman (JPL)
140.04D ACBAR CMB Power Spectrum
C.-L. Kuo (Berkeley), P. Ade (Cardiff), J.J. Bock (JPL), M.D. Daub (Berkeley), J. Goldstein (UCSB), W.L. Holzapfel (Berkeley), A.E. Lange (Caltech), M. N ewcomb (Berkeley), J.B. Peterson (Carnegie Mellon University), J. Ruhl (Case Western Reserve), M.C. Runyan (Caltech/Chicago), E. Torbet (UCSB)

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